kinkoman story continued

And you thought the story ended there? Well, it was just the tip of the iceberg. So lets just flashback to the end of 1995…

This evening Ariel, Rich, and I went to Manila Nights and we had a fun time! I had the chance to meet with my old associates from the United Filipino Youth Council (UFYC). I even got to engage in conversation with Angel also from UFYC. She saw me enter the club with Ariel and Rich. Angel had this really sparklin look in her eye I grabbed her stares walking down the stairs. Angel used to go out with this guy from the NYPD. Apparently, they are no longer together and now she is all of a sudden single. Well thats the main thing with Manila Nights is to hook up single people and at the same time entertain everyone else who came that are not single.

There were women at the party whom I have not seen in a very long time. The DJ was playing a whole mix of music, from Reggae, Jazz, Disco and New Wave. I hooked up with Ellen, Raquel, Donna and Joy. Ariel, Rich and I danced with all of them and engaged in small talk. As usual Joy is still afraid of me. She even was reluctant to dance reggae with me. Drinks were given out for free after you purchased three so we were pretty much drunk. I had to control myself since I was the designated driver. I drank too but I made sure I was still in control. Ariel and Rich were lushed out of their gourd. Ariel occupied himself with Donna and Joy while Rich circulated the crowd for new meat. When it was all over Anna approached me and gave me her social card with her number and asked me to call her sometime.

How can I top this night? Well, I have a date with Anna Nobles tomorrow!

My date with Anna was a great success! It was perfect that I could not know how to end it. Our eyes met every time we engaged in conversation which is a sure sign of interest between she and I.

I took Anna to this italian trattoria in Lawrenceville called Pepetone’s. Anna and I had an early dinner since she had plans with her family that night. We ordered two pasta dishes one with meatballs and the other with chicken. The conversation quickly turned to a phenomena that I have been talking with Ariel and Rich the night before called “the cube”. Anna’s cube got me intrigued, she set it on a deserted island. The cube was like a small hut and it was camouflaged from everyone’s view. Her horse was also interesting. Anna described it as a white horse grazing slowly towards the cube. Whether or not I am the horse, her lover is getting very close to her…slowly but surely…

Anna is so interesting. Everything about her gives me a thrill. She is finishing her nursing degree and after that Anna told me that she plans to take her masters and go on to become a sort of nurse-doctor. After Pepitone’s we were stuffed to Anna asked if we could like walk it off so we went to a nearby mall and talked a bit more. I flirted with her by holding hands, and inched my way up to putting my arms around her. Anna moved closer to me and put her arms around me and nearly injured my ribs as she squeeze to hug me. Then the conversation came back to Jojo. Anna wanted to know how Jo and I handled household chores and living together when we were still together.

I had no drawbacks to telling Anna everything. I felt that I could confide in her and she in turn would either give me advice or let me know what she really thought of the whole thing. Driving to her home from the mall, I asked Anna if we could see each other again and she replied with a nod an a smile as she continued to put her arms around my arm which was on the throttle. Anna then asked when and I blurted that the Neri’s were having a New Year’s party at their newly renovated house. I failed to mention that I was already going there with Jojo!

Meanwhile, Anna was still debating if she should go since she planned to celebrate New Year’s with a few of her friends. That statement gave me a sigh of relieve but I continued to stay quiet going to the party with Jojo. If Anna came to the party and met up with Jojo, that incident might wind up to be toxic!

I dropped off Anna and I shook her hand and gave her a peck on the cheek. She smiled at me and said her goodbyes and kept holding my hand as if to want more. I wanted more but I didnt want to give her the impression that I wanted to go to bed with her. Anna’s face came closer to mine and we both kissed and her lips touched mine and a feeling of euphoria came up from my heart.

I drove back to New York flying on cloud nine and I could not believe how perfect that date was. I still dont know what to tell Jojo about Anna. Its still in the beginning stage and after all we were broken up. Jojo and I are just friends now and being a good friend I volunteered to pick her up from the airport tonight.

Should I tell Jojo that we will not be going together to the Neri party anymore?

**the names have been changed to protect the innocent

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