More Stupid Car Key Problems

Don't ask me how I broke it, but I know that if I don't fix it soon, one next of the posts will be about how I lost my clicker...

Help! How do I fix this?!

UPDATE: I am told it is hard to see all the parts that is broken on the clicker, so I updated the photo and circled the parts to look carefully at. It’s not just broken in the middle. That entire part of the clicker is broken. It is as if I have nothing to duct tape & nothing to attach the clicker to my keychain with.

Get it?

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18 Responses to “More Stupid Car Key Problems”

  • But it won’t look pretty if I use duct tape…

  • I’m with Mikey. Duct tape fixes all. Just colour it in with permanent marker in a pretty colour.

  • How about going to a car alarm place, wink and tip the guy 20 bucks and you get a new alarm clicker…

  • Either duct tape it, or try to get yourself a new one. That don’t look fixable such that it will be all pretty like new again.

  • I vote replacement! Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff! (although I have worked miracles with duct tape)

  • I would use some type of tape. Like Duct tape!!

  • Joz– they make Black duct tape, then it won’t look so ugly. i think tape is sturdier than glue, esp. if it is kept on a keychain.

  • Duct tape for the short-term, find out how to get it replaced for the long-term.

  • ack! the same thing happened to my alarm fob like two months ago. i’ve been carrying it loose all this time. i went to one alarm place but they didn’t carry my brand. i’ve been looking for another place to try!

  • I think you should try electrical tape since it’s black and I got to agree with Mike on the rest of the idea.

  • As much as I, as a longtime loyal follower of Red Green, would be so tempted to say “Duct Tape”, I have to agree with Meeta on the electrical tape for the short run. For the longer run, get a Segway with a Lojack.

  • I’m with the suggestions of superglue. Apply very carefully, of course; getting that crap off your fingers is no fun.

    I’d recommend using tweezers and a magnifying glass during the procedure.

  • How about using some two part epoxy glue to fasten the entire clicker to a key ring fob? We seem to get a lot of promo key rings with plastic fobs around here. As long as you don’t cover up the entire clicker so that you can still get to the buttons and the battery replacement door, that should work well. It will make the clicker that much thicker, though.

  • my ex-boyfriend had mine in his pocket when he went swimming in the ocean…@*&%#…it wouldn’t work after that. i went to the dealer and it cost me a little over $100 to replace it. he never did pay me back……just one of the many reasons why he is my ex-boyfriend…..

  • Maybe you should invest into a kit-an electronic immobilizer anti-thief device. Trust me I had an alarm for my van and our friend just put in an alarm system for his truck, both got stolen anyway.
    Just about anywhere can replace your keypad-my car dealership didn’t charge for the service..just the cost of the replacement.

  • I would run a strip of plastic cord, or even wire at the base, wrap that on with some thing like non-waxed dental floss, or some thing like that. Once you have built that up to a nice smooth finish, cover that with a few coats of crazy glue or a product called Head Cement, used when make flies for fly fishing. It will last forever.


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