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Stupid Creatures….


Send John Murphy $40 with a handful of socks (preferably clean) and a little creative direction like “must have multiple arms and four eyes,” and he’ll darn your very own Stupid Creature. A typical pair of socks yields one Stupid Creature, which is able to stand on its own two stocking feet at 12 inches tall. For a taller or more stupid monster, sock it to him and send two pairs. Hint: The thinner and more elastic the sock, the larger the sock creature will be.



TOTALLY BULLSHIT! (aka: jozjozjoz’s newest parking ticket in L.A.)

Yes, I really did this in 2003.  Now it looks like I have to write a new one.
This was the check I wrote to the City of Fucking L.A.
last year because I was mad about a parking ticket I received.

Ok, here’s the story of my newest parking ticket. If this isn’t total bullshit, I don’t know what is…

Yesterday, my brother paged me and said that a piece of mail had come from the L.A. Parking Violations Bureau for me, saying that I had an outstanding parking violation fine that I needed to take care of and that it was already delinquent at this point, so the fine was now $65.


Now, you know very well if I had received a parking ticket, the first thing I would’ve done was blog about it. Well, I hadn’t received any parking tickets in over a year (since my Infamous Check) because I have been going out of my way to avoid them.

Anyway, my brother read off some of the details on the letter, couldn’t tell what the violation is actually FOR, but saw that the citation was made on Friday, 6/4/2004 (I have to figure out what time) supposedly at the 2700 block of 8th St in Los Angeles.

On that day, my car was either parked on the street in front of my home (NOT ANYWHERE NEAR that location) or parked in my parking spot at work (also NOT anywhere near that location). My car was nowhere NEAR East Los Angeles that day & in fact, I went out of town that weekend (with the car parked in front of my home) WITH THE ONLY SET OF CAR KEYS TO THAT CAR IN MY PURSE!

Obviously, I never received a ticket on my windshield. My car was also NOWHERE IN THE VICINITY of where the citation was issued! So more than a month later, I get some ticket in the mail saying that not only did I violate some ridiculous parking law in some part of town my car has never ventured, but that the penalty has been increased since I was delinquent in paying a TOTALLY BULLSHIT ticket I knew nothing about?!


I want to contest this, but I have no idea how I can prove my car was where I it actually was and not where they claim it was.

I’ve consulted several people who basically say that I’m out of luck & that I’d better just pay up now before the fine increases again.

But really. This is beyond fucked up. I will have to rant & rave about all the cool stuff I can buy for $65 and the memo on my next check to The City of Fucking L.A. will be even harsher than the “This ticket was bullshit.”

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