All I have to say for now…

… is that it is time for me to write another check.

Yes, I really did this.
This was the check I wrote to the City of Fucking L.A. because I was mad about a parking ticket I received.

But this NEW one is TOTALLY bullshit, I don’t even know where to start.

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13 Responses to “All I have to say for now…”

  • Well, *I* want to hear this story!

    BTW, I love the fact that the check you wrote the last time around was a Grover check! That rocks! ^_^

  • *OMG* Details! Oh and you’re a ballsy girl, I would never have had the nerve to write that check!

  • I still do not know how you get away with it. I am surprised you do not get another contempt citation or something. Yeah…i have to pay mine and i do not think it would say that…hm…I will have to think of something at lest perverted to write on mine…like The City To Fuck In, LA? no…yours is better. I just hear the boots and keys rattling and handcuffs walking up my stair case as I write mine. But, you’ve done it before. Good work as always. And yes, it was bullshit unless you have a devious friend that took the lexus for a hot time around town one night without you knowing it. Do you know how many male strippers i fit in the back seat…don’t worry…I detailed it before the morning. :) They had sweat/lube remover…though there is one sticky place they couldn’t get at…You’ll never notice. Thanks!

  • I would never be able to write a check like that to the city. You got some balls. I want to hear the story.

  • was it for not having a handsfree device on your cell phone?

  • That SUCKS! hubby had a couple BS tickets. Fought them both and lost. The judge doesn’t like is ATTITUDE?????????

  • I almost *want* to get a parking ticket so I can do this! And they’re only $17 in Indianapolis – such a deal!

  • “I don’t even know where to start.” -jozjozjoz

    I suggest you begin at the beginning, get to the part where the city is a bunch of clueless bank account rapists, and stop after that.

    Definition of “bank account rapist”: a person or organization whose sole intent is to pillage your savings and use it for their own purposes. See also: Britney Spears’ new boyfriend.

  • That’s great! Damn them!I am sure they will still cash the check too!

  • Can’t wait to hear this one Joz.

    Robert: Your reply is priceless *wink*

  • Awwww, shucks sharky. Many thanks for the praise.

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