Paging Dr. ProfessorEric!

After weeks of not seeing my darling ProfessorEric, it occurred to me that he is probably bored of me and has found a new love.

It is probably a sexy doctor.

After all, look at all the responses to his post “Seeking Sexy Single Doctors” after he broke his finger & didn’t have health insurance to see a doctor.

Incidentally, did we ever post HOW ProfessorEric broke his finger?

He was trying to hit his sister, the loverly MissBrookline and MissBrookline broke the Professor’s finger trying to defend herself.

How’s that for instant karma?

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4 Responses to “Paging Dr. ProfessorEric!”

  • *generally frowns on men hitting women* Good, then.

  • I am still getting over the trauma. But he has not learned his lesson, as he and his cousins were smacking my ass all over Boston not 1 month ago.

  • Sounds like unsettled childhood resentment issues. All normal. My sis still likes to pin me in a head lock and record the sound my head makes hitting various types of walls…brick, drywall, steel, etc…I never fractured my scull though…or at least I was not treated for doing so. Hm….now I have to wonder?!?

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