Serious question

I have a ball of rubber bands that I’d like to keep, but they are dirty.

Can I wash them by taking them apart and then putting them (in some sort of stocking/lingerie bag) into the laundry?

Then can I put the rubber bands back together (as a ball again) once they’re clean?

Or do you have a better suggestion?

[I don’t want to buy new rubber bands, these have sentimental value. And no, I don’t need any more rubber bands… I just want to keep the ones I have.]

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20 Responses to “Serious question”

  • i think you take being a clean freak to a whole new level. lol – that’s funny.

  • I am SO not a clean freak!

    This is actually taking being a PACK RAT to a whole new level!

    I actually have rubber bands that have sentimental value to me!!!

  • I think the bag would work just fine as long as you run them on the cold cycle, and don’t put them in the dryer, but lay them out to dry afterward, out of the bag on a towel.

    Heh. I have stuff like that too in my collection. I have to be careful now though. Someone gave me a foam stress ball in 1995, and my kid bit a chunk out of it the other day. Made me sad to get rid of it.


  • Is it just dirty or nasty dirty. If it is just dirty maybe a one of those baby bath things that are really mild and don’t need much rinsing. If it is nasty dirty try 409 on a paper towel. I had a HUGE masking tape ball that I had in college. Moved too many times and somebody that helped pack tossed it:(

  • joz, i would never presume to tell you how to play with your ball, but as you’ve asked…

    i have no fukkin’ clue. it seems you should be able to put them back together after washing.

  • *nods* Always give your balls a nice, thorough washing.


  • Perhaps now would be the perfect time for me to proclaim my love of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, quite possibly the biggest breakthrough in home maintenance in.. oh, forever!

    It will clean anything and everything. It’s magic!

  • Why not remove the layer of rubberbands that are dirty??

  • Unfortunately, every layer of rubber bands were (or were potentially) dirty. I’d feel a lot better if they were all cleaned.

  • please throw them away and don’t bring them into our house. or else don’t let me see them, clean or not. i’ll toss em, and not just to see if they bounce.

  • My vast experience with rubber bands has taught me that they deteriorate very quickly and lose their elasticity. I doubt that they would survive a cleaning.

  • A better use for it is to light it with a flame thrower and let it melt and drop on top of ants! Happy Fourth!

  • I laughed out loud at Yoshi’s smackdown of the entire idea.

    I have a rubber band ball, but it’s been falling apart lately. I have to agree with Nez that it might not survive.

    Why does it need to be cleaned? Are you going to eat with it?

  • LOL – I’m siding with Yoshi too… My darling Joz you have too much stuff already (and I should know touching your stuff at least once…. if not twice during your recent move).

    Take a picture it will last longer.

  • Most of those rubber bands won’t be very elastic anymore, and won’t survive the cleaning process. Do you know specifically which ones have direct sentimental value? I doubt it.

    Chuck them and spend like $2 and get a whole new set of clean ones.

  • Happy 4th to you and yours and may it be a safe one.

  • i swear, yoshi and i should put both you and howie on that clean sweep show where you have to get rid of 2/3 of your stuff and live with the rest.

    what do you say, yosh?

  • if jozjozjoz wouldn’t cry every time the show is on (“look how mean they are to make them get rid of their stuffs! boo hoo!”) then i’d definitely sign her up.

  • but can you just imagine how much cleaner our places would be? i could finally have hot men over…er…you get the idea.

  • You can’t F%^& with historical collectables like that? What in the world is going through your mind. Everyone that works at an…uh hem…museum, would know that such wear, notates the “actual age” of the item. By washing it, not only would you risk destroying the breakdown of aging rubber….ahhh rubbers…(oh tangent) what I was saying…keep them at room temperature…do not try to bounce them around like their days of youth…and one day they will be on display under a nice glass case for all to marvel at. Or hell…just put it in a hamster cage an say it is your display! I would surely take at least a second glance at that one. Maybe even pay a nickel to look at it.

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