Daily Archive for July 2nd, 2004

Serious question

I have a ball of rubber bands that I’d like to keep, but they are dirty.

Can I wash them by taking them apart and then putting them (in some sort of stocking/lingerie bag) into the laundry?

Then can I put the rubber bands back together (as a ball again) once they’re clean?

Or do you have a better suggestion?

[I don’t want to buy new rubber bands, these have sentimental value. And no, I don’t need any more rubber bands… I just want to keep the ones I have.]

Things being erased off my white board

The words:
sentencially = new word by eric
9/10-i miss eric! -joz
cleaned by yoshi – 1/4/04
This girl = the squirrel
This guy = the sky
Intern: [the name of my old intern]
Not Doing Too Poorly!

The drawings:
A dog (saying “arfage!”)
A banana (with a “sticker” initialed by ProfessorEric)
Red squigglies
Brown squigglies

A weekly schedule (of when different people are expected in the office)

I also removed a post-it from ProfessorEric which reads:
In Case it is important to you… I got more manila folders yesterday cause we were out. -Luv the Squid (accompanied by a little drawing of the squid.)

So there it is, a clean slate whiteboard to begin anew!

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