Daily Archive for July 1st, 2004

Thanks for the memories.

My original blog benefactor Michael Doss informed me a few days ago that due to server space issues, my archives at my original blog at www.insignifica.org/jozjozjoz will be deleted & that only a redirect page will remain.

Even though I haven’t posted any new gossip anything new there since October/November of 2003, Mike has been kind enough to leave the original archives there until he needed to delete them.

Now that the time has come, I feel a little nostalgic. *sniffle*

I never thought that blogging would create so many new friendships or open as many doors as it has for me and I have Mike Doss to thank as one of the key people who created this monster encouraged me from the beginning.

Thanks Mike, for being the kind & generous blog benefactor, tech support, chat buddy, ticket provider, and most importantly, friend that you’ve been.

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