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Calling cute girls in L.A./O.C. who want to see the Counting Crows

Want to see the Counting Crows?My friend Mike Doss has one ticket to see the Counting Crows tomorrow (July 1) at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa. The seats are in the front row of section 6 – good seats.

Would you like to go? His girlfriend can’t make it, but she says he should bring a date. If you’re a Counting Crows fan, cute, female, and between 18 and 30, leave a comment or email him. Preference goes to friends (or friends of friends), but even if you’re a stranger, you’ll be considered.

More spam problems

This time it didn’t break my blog, but it’s been a slow process to remove it.


Damn you, Daniel.

As if I have nothing else to do than to play this.

I blame you.

Dear ProfessorEric,

See what you miss out on when you fall off the face of the earth like that?!

Check out the cool collection of Suzanne Somers merchandise!

No Suzanne Somers swag for you!

(I miss you, ProfessorEric!)


This is ridiculous

I wake up in the morning and find that my blog is broken due to spam.

MT-Blacklist doesn’t work on my server.
I can’t use MT 3.0 on my machine (screwy broswer issues).

Maybe I should leave my blog broken until I can figure out what to do.
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Los Angeles – Turning the tables on humans who always pick their pets, Who Gets the Dog? is a one-hour reality program in which the dogs decide where and with whom they want to live. Each week, one lucky dog packs his or her bags and journeys to three different homes in search of a new family.

The dogs, from local animal shelters in the Los Angeles area, spend 24 hours in each home. After playing and participating in various activities, each dog with the help of three pet experts, ultimately decides which family to call its own

Animal Planet and LMNO Productions developed WHO GETS THE DOG? with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to pre-approve families for dog adoption and ensure the dogs’ experiences result in finding a happy home. The organizations created a questionnaire for the show’s potential dog owners modeled after animal shelter adoption applications and HSUS recommended activities to acquaint the dogs with the families.

If you or a family you know is looking for a pet and would like to appear on a national television show, please log on to Contestants can also call the Who Gets the Dog? hotline at 888 751-8088.

And again with the spammers

I got an emails from Shelli & Nez that my blog had disappeared again.

Well, it’s the spammers again. I’m afraid to see how many are there now.

Hopefully this post brings my blog back until I can fix it.

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So I figured out why my blog took a dump last night.

Some comment spammer hit my site with over 300 comments in a 2 minute time span.

I happened to try to post to my blog at that exactly moment. Silly me.

Maybe it was a good thing my blog crashed at that moment. It may have stopped the spams & it was a good reminder to BACKUP my stuff!

Happy Birthday, Shelli!

Send her some birfday cheer!


What happened to my blog?!??!?!

UPDATE: Nevermind. Had a scare there because my blog had completely disappeared for a few moments, but it’s back. Whew!

Seen on Saturday morning at brunch…

Orangina & Cricket Green Tea Soda.

Whenever I see Orangina, I think of my friend Diane, POWT. And this was the first time I’d ever seen Cricket, but it made us think of our friend Cricket. Hmmm, I wonder why.

The definition of sweet

So getting back early from lunch yesterday wasn’t all bad because when I got back to my desk I had a wonderful treat waiting for me.

BossMan had a meeting at the City Club in Downtown and a friend of mine who works at there stopped BossMan before he left, gave him his card and 3 chocolates saying, “Tell Jocelyn that these sweets are for her, but they are not as sweet as she is!”

Awwwww! Back me up here… THAT gesture was TRULY SWEET!

P.S. – I should note that Yoshi was later the recipient of the above-mentioned chocolates!

Aren’t you glad…

that I share?

Is this gossip?

I was out at a restaurant today for a sit-down lunch.

A hygenically-challenged homeless lady, who was carting around her entire home in a shopping cart and a rolling suitcase entered the restaurant and sat herself down in the corner. She drew stares as she rolled her house between the rows of tables filled with seated customers. After she made herself comfortable in the corner and left everyone else alone, people went back to their meals in peace and ignored her.

I made the mistake of going to the restroom and as I was returning to my seat, I saw that this lady had gotten up from her seat and was hassling one of the bus staff, who was busy clearing off a table across from where I was seated.

Without saying a word, the lady stood at the table in waved her arms in the air at all the passing staff members, making faces. The poor girl who was just trying to clean up some dishes didn’t know what the lady wanted, and kept saying, “What? What do you need? I’m sorry. I don’t understand…”

A waiter came up to see if he could help, but before he could say a word, the homeless lady grabbed a dirty glass which the previous guests at that table had already used and spit (threw up) all kinds of liquid of a yellow-greenish hue, including some chunky brown bits into the dirty glass. Then she turned around and took the glass back to her table with her.

At that point, I hadn’t eaten very much & it’s a good thing, because I thought I was going to hurl then & there.

I tried very hard to put some food in my tummy, but it was a lost cause. I left lunch without actually eating lunch & until I sat down to write this, I was hungry.

But replaying that scene in my head made me lose my appetite again.

Roadkill Diet™, be damned.

The Homeless-lady-spewing pee/poo-like-substance-from-her-mouth-into-a-glass-one-table-away Diet™ is the way to go.


This is commentary on The Celebrity 100 list for 2004 from Forbes:

Check out #96, our favorite animated .gif, William Hung. SHE BANG! SHE BANGS!
She Bangs!  She Bangs!

Holy moly.

Ok, it’s definitely this office.

The sneezing commenced at exactly 9:02am… two minutes after I arrived.

Oh please, oh please (sinus) drugs… please be effective!



Again with the giant sneezes. Must be allergies or something. This time 3 of them in quick succession.

They were so loud that I got verbal “Bless You”s from the other room.


Sometimes I sneeze so suddenly and loudly that people in the other office send me IMs saying “Bless you!” and “Gesundheit!” and even occasionally “Was that YOU?!”

The Berenstain Bears Go to the DoctorSince I just had one of those giant sneezes, and I am not being exposed to bright lights at the moment, I must not have the ACHOO Syndrome. Although I do sneeze when I get my eyebrows tweezed, I should be grateful that I am not a photic sneezer.

More info about ACHOO at the Nation Center for Biotechnology Information site. I am extremely amused that this medical article actually cites Berenstain, S.; Berenstain, J. : The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor. New York: Random House (pub.) 1981.


viva la canada! (not to be confused with viva la cañada!)

Hooray to my friend Jerry Chu (I’ve known him since my high school days), who was quoted here about his thoughts on anime in Canada has started a new revolution!

“Canada needs help” — Jerry Chu, Bandai Entertainment

Most anime fans in America, Britain or Australia take the popularity of Japanese animation in their respective nations for granted. Most have no idea that the life of the Canadian otaku is a lot harder, thanks to a few bizarre regulations we have that essentially block out many foreign commodities in a vain attempt to stir up hopeless nationalism. Anime just happens to be one of those commodities. [see more here]

I hate filing.

Have I mentioned that?

Let me say it again, just in case you missed it… I hate filing.

Seen in The OC on Friday Night…

RockDaMullet™ meets jozjozjoz at the Earthbound Media launch party.


I didn’t know people would be so game hungry!

Wanna play a game?

It’s easy. All you need is a blog.

Leave a comment and I’ll email you directly about it. :)

Private to SoupFork…

Are you ready to throw away that pair of dirty, stinky, holey socks yet?

You should be! It’s summertime… time to get a pedicure & enjoy being barefoot for a while!


More on this on the way.

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