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Seen at Sav-on on Friday

If you don’t shop at Sav-on, you don’t know what kind of deals you’re missing…

Look closer!

Speedo makes low-carb water… only 99 cents at Sav-on!

Perfect, since we all know how dangerously carb-laden WATER is.

If you read Dr. Atkins’ book, you’ll see that contrary to popular belief, the no-nos are not sugars or starches, but rather that sneaky, sneaky water which has all those hidden carbs*.


*(Or not.)

Look what I got 4Yosh!*

Click to embiggen!  Photo taken by jozjozjoz on 05-29-04

*No, I didn’t get the vehicle itself for Yoshi. What Yosh gets is this awesome (yet slightly blurry) picture I snapped on the offramp of the 10 in Alhambra yesterday afternoon. This car was right in front of mine & I whipped out my camera to document it.

I’d like to think I’m pretty generous, but a Land Cruiser is slightly out of my price range at the moment. Somewhere out there, there’s an awfully lucky Yosh.

We have a date to go see Murphy today!

Need to get caught up on Murphy?
Update from April 16, 2004: Murphy goes to “swim therapy”
Update from March 26, 2004: Murphy’s New Wheels (with photo)
Update from March 14, 2004: Murph needs wheels.
This was the previous Murphy update from February 15: Murphy recovers from surgery and we all hope she regains the ability to walk
What happened to Murphy?
Murphy’s Antics: Telling jozjozjoz that it’s time to play ball, Murphy’s Law, Raining Cats & Dogs
Pictures of Murphy: Headshot, Looking out the window

Much to do, much to do.

So much for a “relaxing” holiday weekend.

What’s going on with you?

Does the funny looking dog look familiar?

Thanks to Deltus for switching the default skin back to my “classic” brain barf design. (And of course to the MIA Gingersmack for making it in the first place.)

Note to self: Need new skins.

If you prefer the eggplant skin, switch back here.

Friday Gratitude: Thank god for standards

My Friday Gratitude is that Michael of has resurfaced.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a Friday Gratitude, it should be that I didn’t take his suggestion of posting a certain picture on my site. (Warning: Not for those with weak stomachs)

Seen on IM: 05/25/2004
him: hi
him: here is somethin’ for ya
him: to post on your website even.
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Another addiction

Ok, now that everyone knows I’m addicted to blogging, let me share another addiction: shoes.

Luckily, my shoe habit isn’t too costly because I happen to love Payless. Going to Shoe Frenzy with Skits & Eve last weekend was definitely the last thing I needed, because I am beginning to develop a taste for NICE shoes. (And we won’t talk about the BOXES and BOXES of shoes still needing to be unpacked from my recent move.)

Anyway, here are some pictures of one of the five pairs I bought this past weekend. They are Aerosoles, navy blue heels. I got them for $20. What do you think?

P.S. – I can’t get over how great our hardwood floors look now that they’re refinished!

(Thanks to Sonia for sharing her “whore shoes.”)

Is it a matter of time until my Dad finds my blog?

My Dad is the ultimate news junkie.

Thanks to keso, the New York Times article about nonstop bloggers is in Chinese.

Jocelyn Wang是洛杉矶一名27岁的市场经理,18个月前作为一种打发无聊的方法,她开始了她的blog(,她在这里按时间顺序记录任何闯入她脑子的事情。现在她每天差不多要花4个小时在她的blog上贴文章以及读别人的blogs。她通过blog认识的人已构成她重要朋友的最大部分。


(Sorry if this looks wonky for you.)

UPDATE: My parents don’t know about my blog but it would be weird if they started reading it. Oh, and they both might have a problem with my profanity.

Let the “Wang” jokes begin…

(Or as someone put it via IM… “I finally know what comes after ‘Jocelyn’ on The Infamous Check!”)

Yes, I really did this.
This was the check I wrote to the City of Fucking L.A. because I was mad about a parking ticket I received.

Happy Birthday, ProfessorEric!

I *heart* you!

I’m glad I got to see you last night!

(ProfessorEric’s birthday is May 26!)

Here is ProfessorEric’s Post-It Art, happily displayed on my file cabinet at work.

Need to start the laundry.

Reminder to self:

Be careful while loading the washer. We do not want a repeat of The Great Flood of 2004.

Otherwise, begin building ark & gathering animals in pairs.

Yes, it’s true. “For Some, the Blogging Never Stops”

I got quoted in the New York Times!
(registration required. or use jozrules/jozrules)

And here’s the infamous Hotel Nikko story (written by Yoshi with my commentary).

Or as seen on: Joz on Blogs in the NY Times (Thanks, Sean!)
metafilter: “blog obsessed losers” (Hey! I don’t blog on the toilet!)

Yay to Marc Brown (for thinking of me when Katie asked about obsessed bloggers), to Cybele (for seeing it and telling me before anyone else did), Tony Pierce, TomDog, and of course, the infamous Tim from last week. Now you know who he is.

For the record, I should say that blogging is not the be all, end all of my life (as the article implies.) When I say there is “no separation” I just mean that blogging has become an integral part of my life.

But whatever… I was quoted in the New York Times!!!
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I am debating if I should go home and use the new stove at lunch.

I am scared.

I know it won’t blow up (the Gas Co. came and hooked it up for $50), but what if I break it? More likely, I’ll just burn my food because I haven’t cooked with real fire since man discovered it.*

Maybe I’ll just go out and have some Baja Fresh instead?

*Ok, I might be exaggerating about that a bit.

We have a new stove!

For the first time in over a year we have a stove! Our last place didn’t have a full kitchen (or even a half kitchen, for that matter) and as a result, I’ve become accustomed to cooking on our plug-in electric burners.

Yoshi got sick of us cooking on “camping equipment” and took the lead in shopping for, buying, and arranging for the delivery of a brand new stove! YAY YOSHI!!!

Look how nice, new, shiny, and white it is!

See below for more stove porn:

Yoshi was laughing at me today because I was still using the camping equipment to make lunch, instead of using the new stove. (Or maybe Yoshi was laughing at me about my inside-out shirt?)

In my defense, the stove is so nice and new, I didn’t want to get it dirty. Isn’t it purdy?!

Heard when I went home for lunch today…

Yoshi!: I love you very much even though you’re wearing your shirt inside-out.

Guess who Yoshi was speaking to.

The William Hung of rap?


Ice-T is producing an album for former Knight Rider and Bay Watch star David Hasselhoff. Hasselhoff will rap under the name “Hassel The Hoff.” Ice-T told that Hasselhoff wil surprise people with his “rap skill and humor.”

Defy Magazine says:

The Baywatch and Knight Rider alumni turned rap star is called a legend by pal Ice-T and will now turn his “legendary” acting career into a horrible rap joke that is said to make William Hung look like Sinatra. With Hasselhoff in rap, eligible for retirement and white as snow, he’ll instantly draw comparisons to that other white meat, Eminem. You know, we’ll go out on a limb here and say Em would school Hasselhoff in a freestyle battle. That is, if you could hear it over the laughs.

Last time I checked April Fool’s Day is supposed to be on April 1. What gives?

Today’s Public Service from jozjozjoz

Together by Bob Wirth and Rik Howard – Silver Spoons Lyrics
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New tape up for grabs:

From Comedy Central, Chapelle’s Show.

Check here for ‘Up for Grabs’ instructions.


While driving to work last week, I heard a traffic announcer on some major radio station announce an event at the “Frood Playhouse at UCLA.” Twice.

I don’t know of a “Frood Playhouse” at UCLA, but I’m pretty sure there is a FREUD Playhouse.

Frood? Dude.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sharky for pointing out that the correct pronunciation is indeed “frood.” You learn something new everyday.

100% true.

On Friday, a package was received in the office from a mister “Paul Pongpoo.”

I shit you not.

What shoes?

First of all, I don’t* know anything about the 5 pairs of new shoes in my trunk.

I didn’t* wake up at 4:00am and get a wristband at 5:45am only to find out that I was #243 while Eve & Skits were #85/86 because they got there at 4:30. I and wasn’t* in the car when Eve called Keith at 6:00am with some sob story about her car breaking down. And we didn’t* get in line at 7:00am to wait for the doors to open at 8:00am. And I didn’t* cheer when they opened the doors and started letting people in.

And I sure as heck didn’t* run to the tables & start digging like a maniac. And Eve didn’t* see me walking around with 8 boxes of shoes piled up above my head while we weren’t* shopping.

I’m not going to be in trouble at all.*

*Ok, everything asterisked is actually the opposite of what I wrote.
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If you’ve found yourself here…

… you’re at the wrong place.

My blog is at

Check it out!


No one else wants free tapes?

Why not?

Oh. My. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!

Photos from Click to embiggen.

Here is the general info from the Roller Coaster Database for the Top Thrill Dragster in Cedar Point, Ohio.

Check out stats, more photos, and press releases.

How cool is it that there is even have a roller coaster database?!

My Friday Gratitude…

… is for all of ProfessorEric’s Friday Gratitudes which make me smile!

(No joke!)

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