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Just ‘cuz I know you care…

I have a puffy/swollen eye problem at the moment. It’s just under my left eye.

It hurts and I’m annoyed.

No, Don, I will not take a picture of it and post it. (Sicko.)

The good news is that since it’s all puffy and stretched out, I no longer have those little lines under my left eye. No collagen implants, botox, or whatever needed!

E-Me: Professoreric’s First Ever Conceptual Portrait Contest!

Have you had dreams with me in them despite the fact that we have never met? Have you constructed a picture of what I look like based on the various clues and comments I have made? Am I a short fat Filipino man with a bad smoking habit? Or a tall Trinidadian basketball player with a weakness for kettle corn? Or am I the hottest skinny white jew you have ever met? Or am I secretly a construction of the government to get calculated answerers on the pulse of the average American? These are all good guesses. But lets make it tangible.

I am looking for a new picture to represent me for all of my electronic personas. YOU, yes you, could be the creative genius to create my e-image… Please no porn. (will I regret saying that?…) seriously take a stab at what I look like. It does not have to be based in the realm of reality. Maybe I have wings and fangs? Maybe I have the build or a merman and work in a hot tub office room? Or maybe I have no legs and contently roll around life in my souped up wheelchair. You decide.

Winner gets the satisfaction of knowing that they created the e-me (and if I really like it and get a good pay check, I may just get a little surprise for the winner.) send all submissions to professoreric in a readable picture format (jpeg, pict, etc.) and don’t make it to huge, we don’t want joz getting’ angry. This is an exciting opportunity! We all await the e-me. Updates will of course be made for all to see! Thanks.


Sick of eating cold leftovers

Our kitchen is still not unpacked and set up (even though Yoshi made major progress on Friday night).

Most disturbing to me, we still don’t have anything in our kitchen which HEATS anything up. Our fridge and freezer works, so that’s great for storing food… but we’ve been ordering out for weeks and I’m tired of eating the cold leftovers.

Incidentally, as Yoshi was unpacking the kitchen this weekend, we opened a box to find that an entire box of food/condiments to be refrigerated had been sitting out on the kitchen floor for like a weekend. Needless to say, (except for a bottle of mustard and some canned fruit) the entire box had to be tossed.

Maybe I’ll finish unpacking the kitchen tonight…

Rumor has it…

…that we may have a [blogging] visitor next week…

Bye, bye Jack…

… last night our one-eyed fish, Jack took a final trip down the porcelain tank.

I cried a little bit, but Yoshi reminded me that One-eyed Jack lived a lot longer than he would have had I taken him back to the pet store, so shouldn’t feel bad that he went bye-bye.

I still felt like a bad fish mom, though. (Sigh)

Sharky, here’s your ham!

As promised, here are photos from Sharky & Dözie’s Easter dinner party

I’m so glad my photoshop escapade didn’t result in my dissinvitation™ from attending Easter dinner, because it was so nice.

Meeting Dözie’s Scottish co-worker Cat/Kat was a true pleasure, and of course, seeing Sharky and Dözie after they had come over and moved so many boxes for us was just an even bigger treat!

And being the gracious hostess, Sharky set the mood by topping the dining room table was with fresh tulips and handmade Easter eggs, and a little bunny.
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Another Murphy update: Murphy goes to “swim therapy”

I saw Murphy’s Mom several times this week and asked for an update, and here it is… Murphy takes on AQUATIC HYDROTHERAPY!

Murphy just finished up about 2 months of intensive, electro-shock acupuncture. She has more feeling lower on her back and has many spasms and reflexes in her legs and hind feet. She has a cart and LOVES to go for walks in the cart. Since she cannot lay down in the cart, her time in it is limited and she must be supervised when in the cart. She is mildly interested in playing ball outside but VERY interested in having you throw her a ball in the house (go figure!)

Last week she started a new therapy which follows the acupuncture. She is
now doing “swim therapy” where I take her to “See Spot Swim” in Redondo Beach every Friday. She enters an enclosed plexiglass area with a therapist. There is a treadmill on the floor and filtered water seeps in from the bottom up to about her shoulders. She walks on the treadmill will her front legs and the therapist moves her back legs in tandem. The goal is for her to gain muscle tone and actually begin to retrain the brain about using her back legs. With all the spasms that she is having on her back legs, it is obvious that nerves are regenerating and we’re trying to get them to notice her hind legs big time!!!

So, all of her moms (she has many….) are doing our best to make her
comfortable, get her moving, and hopefully, regain some feeling in her hind legs. We are “cautiously optimistic.” I try not to be disappointed at every turn and just know that she has the biggest heart in the world and in turn, I love her dearly. Although the vet doesn’t think she will ever walk again, I challenge that….she’s way too strong.

So, thank you for your kind wishes, your good thoughts and your questions
about how she is doing. She knows that many of us are sending her prayers….

Murphy’s Mom

Need to get caught up on Murphy?
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Update from March 14, 2004: Murph needs wheels.
This was the previous Murphy update from February 15: Murphy recovers from surgery and we all hope she regains the ability to walk
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Pictures of Murphy: Headshot, Looking out the window

Not just tax day…

Today is my official last day for Job #2!

I submitted my resignation a couple of weeks ago and we’ve spent the last couple of weeks transitioning over. They haven’t found a replacement yet, but when they do, I’ll spend a few days training.

But YAY!!!

I will be going to the office this weekend to clear out my personal effects… I can’t believe it’s over!

It was really hard for me to resign from this position, because it was a job I did because I loved the organization (heaven knows I wasn’t paid enough for all my hours there!), but the recent move really was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I’m not interested in working all day and all night and having people call me and ask me “So which office are you at right now?” I didn’t want people worrying about my health and well-being. I don’t want to have to apologize for being too busy to do other things. And most of all, I’m tired of feeling guilty for neglecting my family, friends, and especially Yoshi.

We have a beautiful new place to live & I look forward unpacking and actually spending time there and having people over… and there have been all these projects and opportunities I’ve not been able be a part of because of lack of time. Even though I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life, it still feels a little weird to know that when I leave Job #1, there is no Office #2 to go to (Can you believe that I get to learn what it’s like to go home after work?!?!?!).

For the record, Job #3 (the auction house where I support my Jobe Benjamin habit) is now officially Job #1.5. I’m really not there enough for it to constitute a whole job, but it’s still work.

I know the Job numbering system was rather haphazard, but then again, is the land of the silly polls and weird-looking Taiwanese Martian dogs.

He’s baaaack!

American Idol reject William Hung, who you know from

She Bangs!  She Bangs!
will debut at number 34 – yes, 34 – on the Billboard chart, according to sales figures from Nielsen SoundScan. More than 37-thousand people picked up Hung’s album Inspiration in its first week in record stores.

In related news, one of my original Will Hung posts has continues to rank high in some search engines on the topic, as I am still receiving comments on it… it’s worth a looksie

My favorite comment is the one that goes like this:

I have to laugh at the William Hung haters that go go [sic] William Hung sites to leave their comments of hate. It must be painful to them to be thinking about him so much. Not for me, I love him. I’m sure he’s a gentle lover. [signed Wife of Hung]

Normally, I don’t edit comments, but I still have to go back and do some housekeeping. I’m not ok with the way some Will Hung-haters (note the anonymous comments) have referred to him as a “faggot” or “gay.” Every gay singer I know has much more musical talent than William Hung does.

I also like the extremely offensive (and oh-so-well-written) comment left (in all caps) by shy@mm. You’ll notice that the comment got left twice… because the first time he left a real email address! I might just leave that up… or post his email address for the spambots!!! [smiles sweetly]

Whine and cheese

The story of my life.

Or is it?


Get money for your bad teenage writing!

Old stuff you have lying around and get up to $300 bucks…

Click below to read the details…
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Rising gas bill…

… and I don’t mean gasoline…

For the first time in a long time, we have to pay our own gas bill. I got our first one in the mail today. Mind you, we JUST MOVED in this past weekend (but turned on our service on April 2)…

From The Gas Company

Billing Period from 04/02/04 to 04/06/04

Prev: 1863, Pres: 1865

Difference = CCF: 2 x Billing Factor: 1.038 = Therms: 2

[I don’t really know what any of this means]

Summary of Charges
Customer Charge: 4 days x 0.16438 = $0.66
Baseline: 2 Therms x 0.77550 = $1.51

Public Purpose Surchrg: 2 Therms x 0.03700 = $0.07
Los Angeles City Users Tax: 10% = 0.22


Other charges
Service Establishment Charge = $25.00
Los Angeles City User Tax: 10% = $2.50

Security Deposit = $65.00


Ok, granted the bulk of this bill is “set up charges” and “deposits,” but you can imagine how I freaked out when I saw a bill for our first 4 days (when we basically weren’t even here!) came out to almost $100?

Healthy Eating Tip #3

Spicy tuna for breakfast*!

(That is if you want to have a tummy ache all morning).

*This Healthy Eating Tip was personally tested by jozjozjoz on Sunday morning. and its affiliates assumes no responsibility for the results of anyone following the “healthy eating tips” dispensed on this site. Any ideas you get from here you try at your own risk…

I can’t find anything

I went to work with wet hair this morning because I couldn’t find the hairdryer.

And I didn’t get banned from going to Sharky & Dözie’s (sounds like dootzy) Easter dinner. It was quite nice. Pictures are forthcoming. :)

The reason why jozjozjoz might be banned from attending Sharky & Dözie’s Easter dinner party…

…because instead of unpacking/cleaning/lining shelves/re-arranging this morning, I was doing THIS:

Click to see “A Peek Into Joz’s Temporary Dining Room Office” in full-size.
Yes, I spent the morning labeling everything you can see in that photo with orange writing.

I thought it would be nice to give you a peek of our current living conditions. This is actually one of the “better rooms” at the moment.

You may notice that there is a plastic FORK stuck in my oh-so-lovely cardboard “sunshade.” The morning sunlight scorches through that window, so I thought I would make my own temporary window covering with a piece of cardboard from an IKEA box. The fork is there because the cardboard kept folding over and hitting me in the head. It’s not pretty, or high-tech, but now the sunshade stays up. Yay me!

Domestic Diva, I am not… I’d say I’m more akin to something like a Gilligan’s Island-esque Martha Stewart. But without the whole insider-trading/scandal/jail thing.

We’re in.

There is stuff in boxes everywhere, but all our stuff has vacated our old place. The keys have been returned, the doors have been shut, the holes (mostly) spackled, thankyouverymuch.

Thank you very much ESPECIALLY to our favorite mover & shaker, Sharky the Kid and Dözie (sounds like dootsy), the guys she brought over, and of course, Yoshi!

Now the unpacking begins, but first, dinner…

The TiVo is disconnected

Before I had a chance to TiVo the show Aubrey is on… darn it.

Also, we have no cable/DirecTV, etc for approx 1 (or more) weeks until it gets installed at the new place. I guess I’ll finally have a reason to watch/clear off my month’s worth of Ellen Degeneres shows and whatever other crap is on the TiVo.

Or maybe watch a DVD.

UPDATE: *I* need to be disconnected from the computer. I am going to pack now. This is my last chance to get all the crap in boxes. While I’m gone, professoreric is in charge… I think!

Aubrey is on TV!

Joz & Aubrey!  That's John Cho behind us in the left of the picture.
Makeover shows have a fresh new face – it’s our friend AUBREY LOOTS. You may recall I last ran into Aubrey after he did the hair for the models at the Pre-Oscar Fashion Show at Bliss. Here’s a photo from that night…

Tune in tonight (or TiVO) Lifetime’s very popular show “Head2Toe,” a makeover show that does it all (except cut flesh) to make women look their best.

And in the Hairstylist Corner is Aubrey Loots (and several other stylists that he recruited to ESP Salon, the salon he was managing at the time). He is now working out of Studio 210 in the Brentwood Gardens, 11677 San Vincente Blvd #210, Brentwood. 310-826-5522.

Evidently the crew, host and subjects were extremely pleased with the new look. So check it out…

Head2Toe on Lifetime Channel
Tonight, April 9th at 6:30 pm
Check your local listings!

(By the way, for the Season Premiere, Joan and Melissa Rivers do each other at 6 pm – makeover that is…)


DSL works at the new place!

P.S. – Effective immediately, if you have my joz.joz @ email address in your address book, please update it to joz @

My Verizon account is being turned off this weekend.


Sorry about that last post

I had to come back to Office #1 because my keys were MIA.

They would be, seeing as I put them in some random drawer in my desk. I think I’m losing my mind & it wouldn’t surprise me if I found THAT in the back of some other drawer here.

Anyway, while I was one-hand-typing that last entry, Yoshi had the wherewithal to go and ask our landlords if they had any band-aids, since ours are either packed or who-knows-where. So my toe hurts a lot, but it’s much better now. And as Yoshi pointed out, at least I didn’t LOSE my toe. I’d hate to be the subject of one of those “oddly enough” yahoo stories.

Now I have to go back [to the new] home, seeing as I was supposed to come in, find my keys, and leave right away.

But I’m going to detour downstairs and raid the first-aid kit for more band-aids.


toe bleeding profusely,

type w/ one hand. holding toe w/ other hand, foot elevated, trying to keep it from oozing everywhere. ruined my white sockk.

ew, i know.

sorry for the tmi.

got to make a trip to the new place now, byye.

Good news tidbit:

… so the update on the lunch truck was that everyone was fine.

In fact, they were here today, dispensing greasy fries. And no, I did not have any fries for lunch.

We (my co-worker R and I) had us some Koo Koo Roo. But not before I made a wrong turn down a dead-end alley (instead of pulling into the parking lot) and having to back up several hundred feet to get back to the main street.


First order of business for Joz-Eric West™

Establish the Miss Brookline Fan Club™.

Who wants to be the President?!

Not even methadone can help us…

Once she gets into your bloodstream there is nothing you can do… but come back for more. as evidence, read this testimonial from my sis:

“Praise for Joz

I like to start out my morning by reading the paper on the computer. I read the Globe for Red Sox information. I read La Prensa for Nicaraguan news. I sometimes even read my home town weekly paper, but that’s mainly to see if anyone I know had gotten arrested. Until recently, my morning news gobbling felt complete. Until the day professoreric turned me on to JozJozJoz. That day everything changed. Now I need my Joz fix first thing, before I tackle the latest worker strike or rural drought in the RAAN of Nicaragua. I admit it! I’m an addict. Addicted to JozJozJoz. Well, let he who has never read her blog cast the first stone.
That’s all I have to say about it. Cheers! Missbrookline.”

There you have it. It’s 10:00, do you know where your kids are?

So my computer didn’t get hooked up last night…

… so I don’t know if DSL works or not at the new place…

HOWEVER, I did manage to schlep a car full of stuff & my desk at the old place is completely empty. No small feat.

I really think that my desk was the most challenging part of my stuff to pack, because I could barely resist looking at every piece of paper that needed filing, etc. But that’s done. And I have all day tomorrow to pack so that when the movers are there on Saturday there will be minimum packing and maximum moving (done by other people).

P.S. – Sharky, we need to talk tonight!

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