Stupid airfares

We’re planning a trip (my first real vacation in approx 3 years) to Montreal this summer and are looking for decent priced flights.

We found an OK-priced flight at Northwest Airlines, but since they had non-stop flights on the days/times we wanted, we were OK with OK-prices (vs great prices).

Or so I thought… I just searched again for the flights we wanted:

No Northwest Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, or codeshare partner flights were found between Los Angeles (All Locations), CA (LAX) and Montreal Dorval International Airport, QC, Canada (YUL) that matched your request. Check our service destinations and routes.

Evidently, their nonstop flights are sold-out. F*ck.

Any travel agents who can hook us up? We just Pricelined (yes, it’s a verb now) our tickets because we just wanted to get it all sqaured away once & for all. They weren’t non-stop but they were cheaper than what we could find elsewhere.

P.S. – Any Montreal bloggers out there?

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5 Responses to “Stupid airfares”

  • I’m in Michigan, that’s not CLOSE to Montreal but it was worth a shot. *hee* Dammit! When am I gonna meet my personality twin??

  • i lived in montreal for several years and still have friends there. my friend julie ( still lives there.

    let me know if there’s any montreal questions you have, suggestions for restaurants or web guides, etc. i can dig some stuff up for you!

  • Jetsgo starts flying out of LA in July and they’re kicking competitor ass up here. Give them a try if you can wait til mid-summer.

  • Dang – shoulda checked up in here before I booked my trip LOL

  • I live in Montreal! I was going to suggest Jetsgo as well. Try to fly out/back on a weekday, because weekends are more expensive. Drop me a line if you want/need any info about the city. Maybe I can even squire you around a bit to see the sights (assuming you haven’t been here before).

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