Daily Archive for April 27th, 2004

a little help please

quick, think of 5 songs about mothers. or songs that pay tribute in some form or another to parents, or those who came before…

lemme know what you come up with.


thanks so much for everyone’s contributions. now off to do some more research!

Do you know why I have a pounding headache at the moment?

They have been TEST PILE DRIVING all day.

On Monday 4/26, and continuing through the week, test pile driving will start on the east side of the site beginning at 9:00am until approx. 3:00pm.

Even though they stopped about an hour ago, I can still hear it in the back of my mind. Grrrrrrrr.

Sorry about the slow loading of my page

You can’t even blame our favorite Will Hung animated gif for lagging it, either!

(I think it’s that ShoutBox thingy… it’s not even showing up right now).

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