Should I feel guilty?

I was getting gas at Costco when I realized I really needed to eat.

A polish sausage & soda for $1.50 really sounded like it’d hit the spot. I went to the snack bar area and stood in line for about 10 minutes when the Costco dude from the kitchen came out and announced:

“We have no more hot dogs, no more polish sausages, no more chicken caesar salads, no more churros. The only thing we have left are 6 slices of cheese pizza and 1 combination pizza, sold by the slice, first come first served.”

A whole mess of people sighed, “Awwwww…” and walked away, dejected. All of a sudden, I found myself one person away from being at the front of the line. And I saw two polish sausages on the counter. I kept eyeing them, hoping that the women in front of me didn’t want them. They wanted one… no, two, no three Very Berry Sundaes.

YAY! I got the last two polish sausages (even though I really only wanted one). And I got a slice of combo pizza (which I’ll save for later I brought home for Yoshi for dinner).

As I turned to fill up my soda cup, I saw that the people behind me were REALLY pissed off that I got the last polish sausages. Oh well.

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10 Responses to “Should I feel guilty?”

  • That’s life!!
    Some get their sausages and some don’t!! ;-)

  • Yeah, I was really pissed when you bought the last sausage. I was hungry too after doing all that shopping. Yeah go ahead refill your soda cup finish all the soda too! Im gonna head over to the fillet salmon samples and eat my heart out. Then go back to my house and BBQ the T-Bone steaks I marinated this morning… ;Þ

  • Hmmm, it was their fault for getting out of line in the first place. Who says you can’t have your sausage and combo pizza too?

  • No, they didn’t get out of line. They were behind me, but I didn’t really need TWO sausages…

  • I’m just glad you left some cheese pizza for me! Thank you!


  • Who’s to say you didn’t *really* need two sausages?

  • Way to overcome!! Now I’m hungry!

  • Yes, that would have been me. The only reason I go to Costco half the time is for dinner – it’s always a hot dog or sausage.

    I think I just would have gone over and sat close by and looked at you with teared-up eyes until you asked me if I would like one of your sausages. That’s when you’d be able to gouge me for $6.00. See? You could have made a profit.

  • What would have been funnier is if you had said suckers!!! and ran off. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a place like Costco or Sam’s club actually running out of food at their snack shack.

  • Hehe you should have taken a big bite and said “mmm yummy” right in their faces.

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