Daily Archive for April 24th, 2004

Should I feel guilty?

I was getting gas at Costco when I realized I really needed to eat.

A polish sausage & soda for $1.50 really sounded like it’d hit the spot. I went to the snack bar area and stood in line for about 10 minutes when the Costco dude from the kitchen came out and announced:

“We have no more hot dogs, no more polish sausages, no more chicken caesar salads, no more churros. The only thing we have left are 6 slices of cheese pizza and 1 combination pizza, sold by the slice, first come first served.”

A whole mess of people sighed, “Awwwww…” and walked away, dejected. All of a sudden, I found myself one person away from being at the front of the line. And I saw two polish sausages on the counter. I kept eyeing them, hoping that the women in front of me didn’t want them. They wanted one… no, two, no three Very Berry Sundaes.

YAY! I got the last two polish sausages (even though I really only wanted one). And I got a slice of combo pizza (which I’ll save for later I brought home for Yoshi for dinner).

As I turned to fill up my soda cup, I saw that the people behind me were REALLY pissed off that I got the last polish sausages. Oh well.

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