I think it was the best thing for her to do..

Apparently, Omarosa walked off Jimmy Kimmel’s LIVE show yesterday. (Ah, the fun of live TV)

One might assume that Kimmel was picking on her, but the truth was that he didn’t pick on her until after she walked off the show during break. Evidently, Omarosa saw a lie detector they had set up on stage (for another segment, supposedly), got mad and left after the live show already started (after they’d already announced her in the show intro).

I heard clips from last night on the radio this morning and Kimmel was actually quite nice, actually. He had her back and when his audience boo-ed her at the intro to the show, saying that they should give her a chance to clarify what really happened since The Apprentice is an edited show.

But then they went to break and she ran away.

So THEN Kimmel made fun of her and called her “a runner.” Camryn Manheim was the other guest on the show (supposed to be after Omarosa). Camryn was saying how she had questions for Omarosa, but that Omarosa practically knocked her to the ground on her way out! I thought THAT was funny.

But anyway, I think Omarosa leaving was the best thing for her to do.

1) What if that lie detector REALLY WAS for her?
No one is going to be sympathetic to her for a lie detector test ambush. If she had gotten on stage, there was no way she could’ve come out of that in a good light. She’d have either agreed to take a test (& failed), or refused ON-CAMERA to take test (furthering her lying reputation).

2) So what if the lie detector test wasn’t for her?
Now she’s made headlines (AGAIN), getting more mileage and publicity. Mileage & publicity for what? I don’t know, but you can’t buy this kind of publicity, so more power to her.

I’m not saying I like or dislike Omarosa (I’ll reserve that judgement if I ever meet her for myself), but I am trying to put myself in her pointy Manolos and I think (though unprofessional) she did the right thing.

But if you are like the legions of folks who hate her from what you’ve seen on TV, you could just go slap Omarosa a few times. And if you mess up her hair while slapping her around, will she still use Clairol products to fix it?

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4 Responses to “I think it was the best thing for her to do..”

  • I have to say I dislike Almond Roca, even without having met her. The fact that she blatantly lied while being filmed just shocked me – what the hell was she thinking? And now she’s cashing in on the whole thing, getting her 15 minutes of fame for being a lying, cheating bitch. Damn it, where’s MY 15 minutes of fame? I’ll lie, if you want.

    *goes to have a slap-fest*

  • she’s a cunt. i hope she gets everything coming to her….

  • Liers are my biggest pet peeve in people.
    Yep, she keeps running away from those lie detector tests -second time now.
    If she isn’t lieing what is she affraid of ..oh thats right cause she is a LIER!

  • Sad that the name Omarosa is going to be synonymous with lying!

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