Daily Archive for April 23rd, 2004

To the guy I talked to on the phone tonight…

…who I know reads my blog everyday but never ever comments… HI!!!

Don’t you think it’s weird that I was thinking of you and then you called me?!

Oh my!

I think it was the best thing for her to do..

Apparently, Omarosa walked off Jimmy Kimmel’s LIVE show yesterday. (Ah, the fun of live TV)

One might assume that Kimmel was picking on her, but the truth was that he didn’t pick on her until after she walked off the show during break. Evidently, Omarosa saw a lie detector they had set up on stage (for another segment, supposedly), got mad and left after the live show already started (after they’d already announced her in the show intro).

I heard clips from last night on the radio this morning and Kimmel was actually quite nice, actually. He had her back and when his audience boo-ed her at the intro to the show, saying that they should give her a chance to clarify what really happened since The Apprentice is an edited show.

But then they went to break and she ran away.
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New Book, New Friend, New Dreams…

I had the pleasure of meeting Belma Johnson today (you may recognize him from “Gabrielle” or the various BET/DIY shows he’s hosted) and was lucky enough to have a few minutes of his time to pick his brain. What an inspiration! He shared some of the touchstone moments/events in his life which created the person he is today.

I swear this man has the energy of someone who drank an entire vat of Red Bull… and then some.

And he was nice enough to sign and give me the very last copy of his book “What Do You Dream?” he had with him. In fact, it was the copy he used during presentations and workshops, so it was slightly worn. He kept apologizing for the condition of the cover, but I kept insisting it was the contents of the book that I really cared about. And besides, who else can say they have the book he was actually using?!

Anyway, his book is beautiful (full-color) and inspirational and I hope that I’ll have another chance to learn from him soon. If you’re in the L.A. area, check out his workshop schedule… I definitely will get myself to one within the next month!

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