Daily Archive for April 22nd, 2004

Spotted on Tuesday night…

joz and nettie dining on Larchmont at Prado.

This was shortly before Nettie’s eagle eyes spotted Lou Taylor Pucci walking by behind me.

Details at keanuholic.com

If you ask Joz to be your tour guide…

…I might be willing to give you a “driving tour” of certain parts of L.A.

But don’t forget, in JozWords™, “driving tour” is the rough equivalent of “getting lost in the town she lives in even though there is GPS navigation in the expensive car she is driving (on loan from Mom).” Well, it’s the ACTUAL equivalent, really.

Jen/Nettie found this out this evening when she found out I was free for the evening and said I was available to drive her around, so long as I had a chance to fill up the tank at some point.

To be fair, I prefaced the tour with “if we drive near the Silverlake area, we will get lost, because I always get lost in Silverlake, especially at night.” And I definitely delivered on that promise.

Thank goodness for Yoshi, who was at home and was able to guide me where I needed to go over the phone. Incidentally, the next thing Nettie said to me was “Did you know that in the UK they’ve banned talking on the cell phone while driving?”

I wonder why.

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