ProfessorEric & I have an evening rendezvous!

After work Monday night, I had to run some errands and pick up some stuff at Costco.

I decided I need a quick fix of professoreric so I picked him up from the Silverlake cafe he calls his office. We talked “business” while driving and when we arrived, I made professoreric push a defective shopping cart all around the warehouse maze while I picked up giant packages of frozen pizza, vitamins, and gum. I paid professoreric for his “consulting services” with colorful post-its, but we were extremely disappointed that this Costco did not have the giant package of colorful Sharpies in stock. He will not be opening the giant package of post-its until the proper Sharpies are in hand.

We were hungry and wanted to have a romantic dinner of pretzels or pizza or polish sausage from the Costco snack bar, but it was closed for renovation. Instead, the professor and I headed to Baja Fresh and went salsa dancing and where we got hot and messy at the (salsa) bar. It was there that we determined that I’m a top. Eric could be a top, too, but since he was already bottoming, it just made more sense for me to be a topper.

We didn’t have the luxury of having a long, drawn out tryst, so I brought him back to the street where I picked him up, and dropped him off on the street corner. Just in case anyone saw that I stole him away for an hour and a half, I made sure to drop him off about a block away from the pick-up point.

Since I saw him the other night, I am disqualified from entering ProfessorEric’s Conceptual Portrait Contest! Are you going to draw his e-me?

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