In shock…

Ok, sorry to drop a heavy one on you but i need to get this out there… i was just driving on the PCH running and errand and out of the blue a car swerves and loses control and flies over the guardrail, over the oncoming traffic, and over the side of the PCH toward the ocean. I have never seen anything like that. i have seen accidents after the fact, i have even seen people dangling upside-down in their vehicle under the 10 freeway. but i have never seen anything so horrible happen right in front of me. We all slowed down for a moment trying to figure out what we as random motorists could do, and a few people quickly pulled over and took out their cell phones, and the rest of us just kept going. I feel horrible. I wish i had stopped and checked to see if the people in that car were ok, but i was already far past them when i came back to my senses. i am so fucked in the head right now. all i have to say is tell everyone close to you how much you care about them. we never know when we will be snatched away. I am not a religious person in any way, but i prayed to something, to everything, that these people somehow survived. ok. enough venting. thank you all for reading our little web page of nonsense. glad to somehow be a little part of your lives. -professoreric

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8 Responses to “In shock…”

  • Wow, Joz…

    I am so sorry you had to witness that. I know that has to be hard. I have seen a lot of things like that also, and you are not any less of a person because you didn’t stay. I think there were probably plenty of people there to help, and too many people would have just got into the way.

    Please keep us posted if you find out the outcome of the accident.

    I am praying that God can give you a peace in your heart about what you saw.

  • Oops. I am sorry about that Eric…for some reason my brain totally skipped over your name. But I am still praying for you.

  • Wow!

    I’m sorry that you had to witness such a terrible tragedy.

    I hope your mind and heart is healed very soon. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I had seen that.

    Take care Eric.

  • So sorry…you did the right thing, the others had stopped and called on their cells. Might have been another accident had many stopped.

    good thoughts coming your way.

  • I witnessed a plane crash and I still see it in my mind everytime there is an airshow. THe plane I saw crash was an f-14 doing loopy loops for visiting brass:(

  • I was a witnessed to a accident but it happen behind me and I was dumb enough to stop and talk with the police about what I think I saw.My name was on the report as a witness. Not soon after I was in a lawsuit cause those same a**holes tried to make it look I was the cause of it. Thank God I wasn’t!
    It hard to drive on by accidents without wanting to stop and tried to help but these days people are just too sue happy. That was very hard to pass on by but in the end you did the right thing.

  • Holy crap. I don’t blame you for not stopping – usually when you see something that horrible and sudden, your mind takes a small jaunt elsewhere and the thought of stopping doesn’t even really hit you until you’re past.

    I hope the people in the car were okay. Have you seen anything about it on the local news? Any updates for us?

  • thanks everyone. i never heard about it on the news, so i assume everyone lived. i am doing ok. esp. thanks to you all. thanks.

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