Daily Archive for April 20th, 2004

MT problem fixed itself

Sorry to Mikey2, Mike Doss, Michael, Sean, Don, and Yoshi.

I didn’t mean to panic. I can breathe now. I just went a little batty when I thought my blog/MT broke.

And Professor, I *told* you it wasn’t your fault!

In shock…

Ok, sorry to drop a heavy one on you but i need to get this out there… i was just driving on the PCH running and errand and out of the blue a car swerves and loses control and flies over the guardrail, over the oncoming traffic, and over the side of the PCH toward the ocean. I have never seen anything like that. i have seen accidents after the fact, i have even seen people dangling upside-down in their vehicle under the 10 freeway. but i have never seen anything so horrible happen right in front of me. We all slowed down for a moment trying to figure out what we as random motorists could do, and a few people quickly pulled over and took out their cell phones, and the rest of us just kept going. I feel horrible. I wish i had stopped and checked to see if the people in that car were ok, but i was already far past them when i came back to my senses. i am so fucked in the head right now. all i have to say is tell everyone close to you how much you care about them. we never know when we will be snatched away. I am not a religious person in any way, but i prayed to something, to everything, that these people somehow survived. ok. enough venting. thank you all for reading our little web page of nonsense. glad to somehow be a little part of your lives. -professoreric

Just ‘cuz I know you care…

I have a puffy/swollen eye problem at the moment. It’s just under my left eye.

It hurts and I’m annoyed.

No, Don, I will not take a picture of it and post it. (Sicko.)

The good news is that since it’s all puffy and stretched out, I no longer have those little lines under my left eye. No collagen implants, botox, or whatever needed!

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