Daily Archive for April 19th, 2004

E-Me: Professoreric’s First Ever Conceptual Portrait Contest!

Have you had dreams with me in them despite the fact that we have never met? Have you constructed a picture of what I look like based on the various clues and comments I have made? Am I a short fat Filipino man with a bad smoking habit? Or a tall Trinidadian basketball player with a weakness for kettle corn? Or am I the hottest skinny white jew you have ever met? Or am I secretly a construction of the government to get calculated answerers on the pulse of the average American? These are all good guesses. But lets make it tangible.

I am looking for a new picture to represent me for all of my electronic personas. YOU, yes you, could be the creative genius to create my e-image… Please no porn. (will I regret saying that?…) seriously take a stab at what I look like. It does not have to be based in the realm of reality. Maybe I have wings and fangs? Maybe I have the build or a merman and work in a hot tub office room? Or maybe I have no legs and contently roll around life in my souped up wheelchair. You decide.

Winner gets the satisfaction of knowing that they created the e-me (and if I really like it and get a good pay check, I may just get a little surprise for the winner.) send all submissions to professoreric @jozjozjoz.com in a readable picture format (jpeg, pict, etc.) and don’t make it to huge, we don’t want joz getting’ angry. This is an exciting opportunity! We all await the e-me. Updates will of course be made for all to see! Thanks.


Sick of eating cold leftovers

Our kitchen is still not unpacked and set up (even though Yoshi made major progress on Friday night).

Most disturbing to me, we still don’t have anything in our kitchen which HEATS anything up. Our fridge and freezer works, so that’s great for storing food… but we’ve been ordering out for weeks and I’m tired of eating the cold leftovers.

Incidentally, as Yoshi was unpacking the kitchen this weekend, we opened a box to find that an entire box of food/condiments to be refrigerated had been sitting out on the kitchen floor for like a weekend. Needless to say, (except for a bottle of mustard and some canned fruit) the entire box had to be tossed.

Maybe I’ll finish unpacking the kitchen tonight…

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