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Sharky, here’s your ham!

As promised, here are photos from Sharky & Dözie’s Easter dinner party

I’m so glad my photoshop escapade didn’t result in my dissinvitation™ from attending Easter dinner, because it was so nice.

Meeting Dözie’s Scottish co-worker Cat/Kat was a true pleasure, and of course, seeing Sharky and Dözie after they had come over and moved so many boxes for us was just an even bigger treat!

And being the gracious hostess, Sharky set the mood by topping the dining room table was with fresh tulips and handmade Easter eggs, and a little bunny.
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Another Murphy update: Murphy goes to “swim therapy”

I saw Murphy’s Mom several times this week and asked for an update, and here it is… Murphy takes on AQUATIC HYDROTHERAPY!

Murphy just finished up about 2 months of intensive, electro-shock acupuncture. She has more feeling lower on her back and has many spasms and reflexes in her legs and hind feet. She has a cart and LOVES to go for walks in the cart. Since she cannot lay down in the cart, her time in it is limited and she must be supervised when in the cart. She is mildly interested in playing ball outside but VERY interested in having you throw her a ball in the house (go figure!)

Last week she started a new therapy which follows the acupuncture. She is
now doing “swim therapy” where I take her to “See Spot Swim” in Redondo Beach every Friday. She enters an enclosed plexiglass area with a therapist. There is a treadmill on the floor and filtered water seeps in from the bottom up to about her shoulders. She walks on the treadmill will her front legs and the therapist moves her back legs in tandem. The goal is for her to gain muscle tone and actually begin to retrain the brain about using her back legs. With all the spasms that she is having on her back legs, it is obvious that nerves are regenerating and we’re trying to get them to notice her hind legs big time!!!

So, all of her moms (she has many….) are doing our best to make her
comfortable, get her moving, and hopefully, regain some feeling in her hind legs. We are “cautiously optimistic.” I try not to be disappointed at every turn and just know that she has the biggest heart in the world and in turn, I love her dearly. Although the vet doesn’t think she will ever walk again, I challenge that….she’s way too strong.

So, thank you for your kind wishes, your good thoughts and your questions
about how she is doing. She knows that many of us are sending her prayers….

Murphy’s Mom

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