Daily Archive for April 14th, 2004

He’s baaaack!

American Idol reject William Hung, who you know from

She Bangs!  She Bangs!
will debut at number 34 – yes, 34 – on the Billboard chart, according to sales figures from Nielsen SoundScan. More than 37-thousand people picked up Hung’s album Inspiration in its first week in record stores.

In related news, one of my original Will Hung posts has continues to rank high in some search engines on the topic, as I am still receiving comments on it… it’s worth a looksie

My favorite comment is the one that goes like this:

I have to laugh at the William Hung haters that go go [sic] William Hung sites to leave their comments of hate. It must be painful to them to be thinking about him so much. Not for me, I love him. I’m sure he’s a gentle lover. [signed Wife of Hung]

Normally, I don’t edit comments, but I still have to go back and do some housekeeping. I’m not ok with the way some Will Hung-haters (note the anonymous comments) have referred to him as a “faggot” or “gay.” Every gay singer I know has much more musical talent than William Hung does.

I also like the extremely offensive (and oh-so-well-written) comment left (in all caps) by shy@mm. You’ll notice that the comment got left twice… because the first time he left a real email address! I might just leave that up… or post his email address for the spambots!!! [smiles sweetly]

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