Daily Archive for April 11th, 2004

The reason why jozjozjoz might be banned from attending Sharky & Dözie’s Easter dinner party…

…because instead of unpacking/cleaning/lining shelves/re-arranging this morning, I was doing THIS:

Click to see “A Peek Into Joz’s Temporary Dining Room Office” in full-size.
Yes, I spent the morning labeling everything you can see in that photo with orange writing.

I thought it would be nice to give you a peek of our current living conditions. This is actually one of the “better rooms” at the moment.

You may notice that there is a plastic FORK stuck in my oh-so-lovely cardboard “sunshade.” The morning sunlight scorches through that window, so I thought I would make my own temporary window covering with a piece of cardboard from an IKEA box. The fork is there because the cardboard kept folding over and hitting me in the head. It’s not pretty, or high-tech, but now the sunshade stays up. Yay me!

Domestic Diva, I am not… I’d say I’m more akin to something like a Gilligan’s Island-esque Martha Stewart. But without the whole insider-trading/scandal/jail thing.

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