Daily Archive for April 9th, 2004

The TiVo is disconnected

Before I had a chance to TiVo the show Aubrey is on… darn it.

Also, we have no cable/DirecTV, etc for approx 1 (or more) weeks until it gets installed at the new place. I guess I’ll finally have a reason to watch/clear off my month’s worth of Ellen Degeneres shows and whatever other crap is on the TiVo.

Or maybe watch a DVD.

UPDATE: *I* need to be disconnected from the computer. I am going to pack now. This is my last chance to get all the crap in boxes. While I’m gone, professoreric is in charge… I think!

Aubrey is on TV!

Joz & Aubrey!  That's John Cho behind us in the left of the picture.
Makeover shows have a fresh new face – it’s our friend AUBREY LOOTS. You may recall I last ran into Aubrey after he did the hair for the models at the Pre-Oscar Fashion Show at Bliss. Here’s a photo from that night…

Tune in tonight (or TiVO) Lifetime’s very popular show “Head2Toe,” a makeover show that does it all (except cut flesh) to make women look their best.

And in the Hairstylist Corner is Aubrey Loots (and several other stylists that he recruited to ESP Salon, the salon he was managing at the time). He is now working out of Studio 210 in the Brentwood Gardens, 11677 San Vincente Blvd #210, Brentwood. 310-826-5522.

Evidently the crew, host and subjects were extremely pleased with the new look. So check it out…

Head2Toe on Lifetime Channel
Tonight, April 9th at 6:30 pm
Check your local listings!

(By the way, for the Season Premiere, Joan and Melissa Rivers do each other at 6 pm – makeover that is…)


DSL works at the new place!

P.S. – Effective immediately, if you have my joz.joz @ verizon.net email address in your address book, please update it to joz @ jozjozjoz.com

My Verizon account is being turned off this weekend.


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