Daily Archive for April 8th, 2004

Sorry about that last post

I had to come back to Office #1 because my keys were MIA.

They would be, seeing as I put them in some random drawer in my desk. I think I’m losing my mind & it wouldn’t surprise me if I found THAT in the back of some other drawer here.

Anyway, while I was one-hand-typing that last entry, Yoshi had the wherewithal to go and ask our landlords if they had any band-aids, since ours are either packed or who-knows-where. So my toe hurts a lot, but it’s much better now. And as Yoshi pointed out, at least I didn’t LOSE my toe. I’d hate to be the subject of one of those “oddly enough” yahoo stories.

Now I have to go back [to the new] home, seeing as I was supposed to come in, find my keys, and leave right away.

But I’m going to detour downstairs and raid the first-aid kit for more band-aids.


toe bleeding profusely,

type w/ one hand. holding toe w/ other hand, foot elevated, trying to keep it from oozing everywhere. ruined my white sockk.

ew, i know.

sorry for the tmi.

got to make a trip to the new place now, byye.

Good news tidbit:

… so the update on the lunch truck was that everyone was fine.

In fact, they were here today, dispensing greasy fries. And no, I did not have any fries for lunch.

We (my co-worker R and I) had us some Koo Koo Roo. But not before I made a wrong turn down a dead-end alley (instead of pulling into the parking lot) and having to back up several hundred feet to get back to the main street.


First order of business for Joz-Eric West™

Establish the Miss Brookline Fan Club™.

Who wants to be the President?!

Not even methadone can help us…

Once she gets into your bloodstream there is nothing you can do… but come back for more. as evidence, read this testimonial from my sis:

“Praise for Joz

I like to start out my morning by reading the paper on the computer. I read the Globe for Red Sox information. I read La Prensa for Nicaraguan news. I sometimes even read my home town weekly paper, but that’s mainly to see if anyone I know had gotten arrested. Until recently, my morning news gobbling felt complete. Until the day professoreric turned me on to JozJozJoz. That day everything changed. Now I need my Joz fix first thing, before I tackle the latest worker strike or rural drought in the RAAN of Nicaragua. I admit it! I’m an addict. Addicted to JozJozJoz. Well, let he who has never read her blog cast the first stone.
That’s all I have to say about it. Cheers! Missbrookline.”

There you have it. It’s 10:00, do you know where your kids are?

So my computer didn’t get hooked up last night…

… so I don’t know if DSL works or not at the new place…

HOWEVER, I did manage to schlep a car full of stuff & my desk at the old place is completely empty. No small feat.

I really think that my desk was the most challenging part of my stuff to pack, because I could barely resist looking at every piece of paper that needed filing, etc. But that’s done. And I have all day tomorrow to pack so that when the movers are there on Saturday there will be minimum packing and maximum moving (done by other people).

P.S. – Sharky, we need to talk tonight!

Expect the Unexpected…

for example, an empty, pointless post. hi joz!

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