Daily Archive for April 7th, 2004

See you on the other side!

Ok, it’s really sinking in that we have to be out of here in less than 3 days.

We’re going to spend our first night at the new place on an air mattress.

And I’m unplugging my computer & seeing if DSL works at the new place tonight…

…wish me luck!


Just received in my inbox

Today the lunch truck was involved in an accident on the way to our location and was not able to service our lot. It maybe a day or so before we have a truck on site.

Sorry and thank you

I hope everyone was ok… No greasy fries for a couple of days, I guess…

Poor YoshiMobile

The aftermath of Yoshi’s encounter with SMF

click to see (almost) life-size picture click to see (almost) life-size picture

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