Daily Archive for April 5th, 2004

Article for me to read through

This headline caught my eye.

If gay journos are off the beat, then it’s time to
By Michelangelo Signorile

More voting to be done…

…yes, while there are still “questions” about the highly-contested results of the Joz-thong poll and the recent Taiwanese elections, I’d like you to vote on an official poll which will make a real difference to a friend of jozjozjoz.com…

A we heard from our friend, sharky the kid (who, by the way, will soon also be known as the official jozjozjoz moving coordinator™), Sonya Nimri was selected out of 3,000 would-be divas who submitted a 1 minute video and an essay in hopes having their own segment on the Today Show. Sonya, incidentally, is also sharky’s co-worker and friend…

Therefore, I officially throw my endorsement behind Sonya Nimri for Today’s Domestic Diva!

If you’re not convinced to vote for Sonya just because *I* said you should, then you need only to visit Sonya Nimri’s official website: dumpsterdiva.com for some great examples of her work. (It is also where I “borrowed” her picture from, since the one on the MSNBC website is so hard to see.)

The voting page is accessible via this link.

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IMs tips from jozjozjoz

Do not start out an IM conversation they way I just did.

joz: ho
joz: hi
joz: I meant
joz: hi
joz: ho
joz: Ugh… this is not going well…

Needless to say, I did not get a response…

Sad realization

It occurred to me this morning as I was walking down the driveway that the reason I wasn’t being mauled by big, giant dogs with pointy toenails & wet noses is because they left this past weekend for Phoenix.

And we didn’t even get to say bye.


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