Daily Archive for April 4th, 2004

I bought a gun rack!

For reals! at a yard sale today! it is beautiful. the lady that sold it to me said she found it at some antique store or something while driving around the Midwest long ago. and in the center of it she painted a cactus scene, which i just didn’t have the heart to destroy. so i used a crowbar and pried the wood off the back which it was painted on and replaced it with some plywood i bought at a hardware store which i first sprayed with my favorite spray-paint which turns anything into a chalk board. now i have a chalkboard and a gun rack in one! it is beautiful and i have two little cacti, which i purchased to put on the little shelf underneath it. i love my gun rack. now if only i loved guns… but i am gonna ask for one of those huge supersoakers for my birthday so i can fit it snugly on my gun rack (which is capable of holding 4 standard sized shotguns). jozjozjoz will have to come over and take a picture…

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