if it had only been worse

then i would have a case against the stupid motherfucker (SMF) who left me sans one driver side mirror. but because i reacted well and managed to avoid a more serious accident, the highway patrol said basically it’ll be hard to prove who was at fault for the accident and therefore who is ultimately responsible for the repairs. if i had let the SMF push me into the divider wall or pin me between the wheels of his truck and the divider wall, my insurance would go after the SMF and i wouldn’t have to be dealing with ordering new parts for my car and then being without my car for two days while they fixed it.

i’m not even going to mention the lost wages from today, cuz there’s no way in hell i’m going to work.

hmph. funny how things happen. i was on my way to work earlier than usual because i wanted to be able to leave early and take care of some moving stuff. if i had been on my normal schedule, would the fates have conspired to have another brand new truck in that particular lane on the freeway?

the story:

i was about to start up a ramp on a freeway interchange and the truck was in the left of the two interchange lanes. it obviously wanted to be in the right lane because as i was passing the truck it started to change lanes. i honked my horn but the truck didn’t stop its merge. when i realized that he probably didn’t see me, i tried to brake to avoid a collision, but he still managed to hit me. i then honked for another few seconds and tried to alert the driver to the situation, but he was off in la-la land and didn’t even acknowledge me. i pulled in front of him to check for a license plate and noticed a piece of paper taped to the windshield (i’m assuming it was the temporary permit from the dmv). i called the highway patrol and they took down my information, including the CA number from the vehicle and the company name. i pulled off the freeway to await the highway patrol so they could make a report.

45 minutes later, i was on my way, frustrated and in need of a beer. or 7. i called my brother, told him he needed to work for me, and we commiserated about the lack of justice in the world. (he had been awakened the night before by pounding on the door at 2:30 am by the repo-man, who said that he was taking my brother’s car, which was totally without merit, seeing as how my brother owns his car and has no debt. maybe i’ll tell the full story later).

so i’ve decided not to inform my insurance company about the accident, and will pay for the repairs instead of increasing my insurance rate and having to pay the deductible.

in any case, this messes up all my plans for the weekend. can’t switch cars with the jozjozjoz so that i can have the truck to take a couple of loads over to our new place. if i have trouble driving without a driver side mirror, i’m not letting her try to drive without one. i have 6 relatives coming in from out of town for the weekend, so i need my car, mirror or not.

the only good thing to come out of this so far is that the highway patrol officer was hot. shhh! don’t tell jozjozjoz!!!

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