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Post from Yoshi coming shortly.

This is entry #1000

That’s a little misleading because I am Queen of Drafts™ and there are a lot of draft posts which have never been published.

But nonetheless, it’s entry #1000 according to movabletype.


joz asked for my grat’ today… here it is

grateful for the bird seed that i put on my balcony which brings the birds to sing in the morning and wake me up allowing me to watch their silhouettes through the curtains first thing each morning…


Someone just IMed me with…

William Hung’s voicemail number (supposedly).

What should I do?

UPDATE: I probably shouldn’t link this…

Concrete update

I received the same concrete press release again this morning but with a different headline. I guess it’s REALLY urgent now since the satellite feed of the cement video footage goes out on the feed today.

The headline reads:


Wait a minute! Is CONCRETE 100 years old or is the American Concrete Institute 100 years old?! Which is it?!

If anyone sees any concrete coverage, please let me know. Enquiring minds, you know.

Stupid airfares

We’re planning a trip (my first real vacation in approx 3 years) to Montreal this summer and are looking for decent priced flights.

We found an OK-priced flight at Northwest Airlines, but since they had non-stop flights on the days/times we wanted, we were OK with OK-prices (vs great prices).

Or so I thought… I just searched again for the flights we wanted:

No Northwest Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, or codeshare partner flights were found between Los Angeles (All Locations), CA (LAX) and Montreal Dorval International Airport, QC, Canada (YUL) that matched your request. Check our service destinations and routes.

Evidently, their nonstop flights are sold-out. F*ck.

Any travel agents who can hook us up? We just Pricelined (yes, it’s a verb now) our tickets because we just wanted to get it all sqaured away once & for all. They weren’t non-stop but they were cheaper than what we could find elsewhere.

P.S. – Any Montreal bloggers out there?


I just posted an entry and the following popped up in a window after I published:

An error occurred:
MySQL server has gone away


Hey Kinkoman…

Check this and this out.


This just in!

I just received the following very important, very urgent, very enlightening press release. They will be providing a video feed about the following:



We walk on it, drive on it, build houses, skyscrapers, bridges and dams with it – even transport water to generate electricity with it. It… is concrete – the second most consumed material on the planet – second only to water.

Guiding the production and education for developing and using conrete for the past 100-years is the American Concrete Institute.



Historical figures in concrete use:
-Thomas Edison (produced cement, built concrete houses)
-Frank Lloyd Wright (produced great works of concrete)
-Dwight Eisenhower (his work with the interstate system)
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt (his work with dams)

Concrete as a means to satisfying basic human needs with concrete:
-Generation of power
-Water treatment (drinking, sanitation)

Note: In the above excerpt, I copied all emphasis exactly as is from the release

With such an important material being so vital to “satisfying [our] basic human needs,” every television outlet should be jumping at the chance to air this footage. I mean, who wouldn’t love to watch cement concrete dry?!

UPDATE: Without concrete, we wouldn’t have the lovely L.A. River now, would we? (Thanks to Will Campbell)

a little help please

quick, think of 5 songs about mothers. or songs that pay tribute in some form or another to parents, or those who came before…

lemme know what you come up with.


thanks so much for everyone’s contributions. now off to do some more research!

Do you know why I have a pounding headache at the moment?

They have been TEST PILE DRIVING all day.

On Monday 4/26, and continuing through the week, test pile driving will start on the east side of the site beginning at 9:00am until approx. 3:00pm.

Even though they stopped about an hour ago, I can still hear it in the back of my mind. Grrrrrrrr.

Sorry about the slow loading of my page

You can’t even blame our favorite Will Hung animated gif for lagging it, either!

(I think it’s that ShoutBox thingy… it’s not even showing up right now).

Where we’ll be tonight…

East West Players 38th Visionary Awards
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Low-key but busy and interesting weekend.

Errands, shopping (Staples), long overdue mani/pedi/etc, gas/food at Costco, a teeny bit of work, and back home. And then shopping again (Target). Clear a few things (Friends, Frasier, Queer Eye, Ellen) off the TiVo (still lots to watch)… fill up the Season Pass Manager on the new TiVo (heh heh).

Work: run the ebayliveauction for the Fine Arts Auction (Job #1.5), shopping (Staples, again), order in Thai food for dinner, [no need to pick up Jen from the airport… her friend came to pick her up] and to drive out to visit with Chris for coffee and to inspect our soon-to-be new-to-us Happy Fun Complete Bedroom Set.

It’s a GORGEOUS day in L.A.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Should I feel guilty?

I was getting gas at Costco when I realized I really needed to eat.

A polish sausage & soda for $1.50 really sounded like it’d hit the spot. I went to the snack bar area and stood in line for about 10 minutes when the Costco dude from the kitchen came out and announced:

“We have no more hot dogs, no more polish sausages, no more chicken caesar salads, no more churros. The only thing we have left are 6 slices of cheese pizza and 1 combination pizza, sold by the slice, first come first served.”

A whole mess of people sighed, “Awwwww…” and walked away, dejected. All of a sudden, I found myself one person away from being at the front of the line. And I saw two polish sausages on the counter. I kept eyeing them, hoping that the women in front of me didn’t want them. They wanted one… no, two, no three Very Berry Sundaes.

YAY! I got the last two polish sausages (even though I really only wanted one). And I got a slice of combo pizza (which I’ll save for later I brought home for Yoshi for dinner).

As I turned to fill up my soda cup, I saw that the people behind me were REALLY pissed off that I got the last polish sausages. Oh well.

To the guy I talked to on the phone tonight…

…who I know reads my blog everyday but never ever comments… HI!!!

Don’t you think it’s weird that I was thinking of you and then you called me?!

Oh my!

I think it was the best thing for her to do..

Apparently, Omarosa walked off Jimmy Kimmel’s LIVE show yesterday. (Ah, the fun of live TV)

One might assume that Kimmel was picking on her, but the truth was that he didn’t pick on her until after she walked off the show during break. Evidently, Omarosa saw a lie detector they had set up on stage (for another segment, supposedly), got mad and left after the live show already started (after they’d already announced her in the show intro).

I heard clips from last night on the radio this morning and Kimmel was actually quite nice, actually. He had her back and when his audience boo-ed her at the intro to the show, saying that they should give her a chance to clarify what really happened since The Apprentice is an edited show.

But then they went to break and she ran away.
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New Book, New Friend, New Dreams…

I had the pleasure of meeting Belma Johnson today (you may recognize him from “Gabrielle” or the various BET/DIY shows he’s hosted) and was lucky enough to have a few minutes of his time to pick his brain. What an inspiration! He shared some of the touchstone moments/events in his life which created the person he is today.

I swear this man has the energy of someone who drank an entire vat of Red Bull… and then some.

And he was nice enough to sign and give me the very last copy of his book “What Do You Dream?” he had with him. In fact, it was the copy he used during presentations and workshops, so it was slightly worn. He kept apologizing for the condition of the cover, but I kept insisting it was the contents of the book that I really cared about. And besides, who else can say they have the book he was actually using?!

Anyway, his book is beautiful (full-color) and inspirational and I hope that I’ll have another chance to learn from him soon. If you’re in the L.A. area, check out his workshop schedule… I definitely will get myself to one within the next month!

Spotted on Tuesday night…

joz and nettie dining on Larchmont at Prado.

This was shortly before Nettie’s eagle eyes spotted Lou Taylor Pucci walking by behind me.

Details at

If you ask Joz to be your tour guide…

…I might be willing to give you a “driving tour” of certain parts of L.A.

But don’t forget, in JozWords™, “driving tour” is the rough equivalent of “getting lost in the town she lives in even though there is GPS navigation in the expensive car she is driving (on loan from Mom).” Well, it’s the ACTUAL equivalent, really.

Jen/Nettie found this out this evening when she found out I was free for the evening and said I was available to drive her around, so long as I had a chance to fill up the tank at some point.

To be fair, I prefaced the tour with “if we drive near the Silverlake area, we will get lost, because I always get lost in Silverlake, especially at night.” And I definitely delivered on that promise.

Thank goodness for Yoshi, who was at home and was able to guide me where I needed to go over the phone. Incidentally, the next thing Nettie said to me was “Did you know that in the UK they’ve banned talking on the cell phone while driving?”

I wonder why.

ProfessorEric & I have an evening rendezvous!

After work Monday night, I had to run some errands and pick up some stuff at Costco.

I decided I need a quick fix of professoreric so I picked him up from the Silverlake cafe he calls his office. We talked “business” while driving and when we arrived, I made professoreric push a defective shopping cart all around the warehouse maze while I picked up giant packages of frozen pizza, vitamins, and gum. I paid professoreric for his “consulting services” with colorful post-its, but we were extremely disappointed that this Costco did not have the giant package of colorful Sharpies in stock. He will not be opening the giant package of post-its until the proper Sharpies are in hand.

We were hungry and wanted to have a romantic dinner of pretzels or pizza or polish sausage from the Costco snack bar, but it was closed for renovation. Instead, the professor and I headed to Baja Fresh and went salsa dancing and where we got hot and messy at the (salsa) bar. It was there that we determined that I’m a top. Eric could be a top, too, but since he was already bottoming, it just made more sense for me to be a topper.

We didn’t have the luxury of having a long, drawn out tryst, so I brought him back to the street where I picked him up, and dropped him off on the street corner. Just in case anyone saw that I stole him away for an hour and a half, I made sure to drop him off about a block away from the pick-up point.

Since I saw him the other night, I am disqualified from entering ProfessorEric’s Conceptual Portrait Contest! Are you going to draw his e-me?


…the rumor?

Well, Jen/Nettie is in da hizzouse!

Read up here and here.

MT problem fixed itself

Sorry to Mikey2, Mike Doss, Michael, Sean, Don, and Yoshi.

I didn’t mean to panic. I can breathe now. I just went a little batty when I thought my blog/MT broke.

And Professor, I *told* you it wasn’t your fault!

In shock…

Ok, sorry to drop a heavy one on you but i need to get this out there… i was just driving on the PCH running and errand and out of the blue a car swerves and loses control and flies over the guardrail, over the oncoming traffic, and over the side of the PCH toward the ocean. I have never seen anything like that. i have seen accidents after the fact, i have even seen people dangling upside-down in their vehicle under the 10 freeway. but i have never seen anything so horrible happen right in front of me. We all slowed down for a moment trying to figure out what we as random motorists could do, and a few people quickly pulled over and took out their cell phones, and the rest of us just kept going. I feel horrible. I wish i had stopped and checked to see if the people in that car were ok, but i was already far past them when i came back to my senses. i am so fucked in the head right now. all i have to say is tell everyone close to you how much you care about them. we never know when we will be snatched away. I am not a religious person in any way, but i prayed to something, to everything, that these people somehow survived. ok. enough venting. thank you all for reading our little web page of nonsense. glad to somehow be a little part of your lives. -professoreric

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