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More spammers!

I DON’T NEED PROPECIA! (I hope I don’t, anyway!)

Block this IP:

and this!

yoshi in a bubble…

ok, so there is lots going on around our soon to be vacated house. they’ve cleared the plants and shrubs from the front of the property, they’re replacing the fence, and this week they’re painting both houses and garage.

all is well inside this little house as well, packing is going smoothly, etc. but this morning i was greeted by the painter, who informed me that he was about to cover all the windows and our front door with plastic so he could paint. ok. never quite realized what that would entail. every possible way out of my house is covered with plastic.

now i’m stuck inside while he paints the front of the house, no way out, can’t even see outside. is it getting stuffy in here?
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Happy St. Patricky’s Day!

(Yes, I meant to put the “y” in at the end of “Patrick.”)


He will probably never see this, but I’m writing it here so I don’t forget…

For the past 45 minutes, I had been going back and forth… not being able to decide if I was hungry enough to eat or tired enough to nap. I kept going back and forth and ended up spending almost my entire lunch hour debating myself at my desk. My assistant was looking at me like I was insane.

Then A, the IT guy came in to do some work on a new workstation for a new intern I’ll be getting. He witnessed some of this and then got a call and had to leave.

I decided that since I only had 5 minutes left for lunch that I’d go and have popcorn for lunch (not a healthy meal, I know).

As I headed back up the stairs, a bottle of Diet Coke in one hand and a bag of burnt popcorn in the other, A came bounding down the stairs looking for me.

He had gone to the lunch truck and brought back 2 burgers… one for him and one for me so we could eat lunch together.

He was worried that I was not going to eat anything (or anything healthy… imagine that!) so he went and got me lunch!

That was so nice! I told him I was going to take him out to lunch when I wasn’t quite so crazy and he teased, “Oh, so you’re saying it’ll never happen then, huh?”

My brain was too fuzzy to come up with a better comeback than, “Yes it will!”


Still shaken up from the plane crash.

Because of the way traffic was diverted in the neighborhood, I ended up having to drive by the street of the crash. Very strange and scary to see so many fire engines and police officers converged on one tiny block of the neighborhood.


Moving sucks, but Silver Lining #4 is…

… we will no longer be in the flight path of small planes.

Home Video Captures Mar Vista Home Burning After Crash.   Photo from NBC4.TV Residents Trying To Put Out Flames Of Mar Vista Home After Plane Crashes Into It.  Photo from NBC4.TV A plane crashed into a house Tuesday evening over Mar Vista leaving smoke filled skies in its wake.  Photo from NBC4.TV

I was shocked when Yoshi called me this evening after I’d left work to tell me that there had been a plane crash two blocks away from our house. When Yosh left the house this evening, our street had been mostly blocked off with emergency vehicles. By the time I got home (just before 10pm), our foggy street was lined with news vans getting ready for the nightly local news. People out walking their dogs in our quiet neighborhood were ogling the officials who were set up to work all night.

It never occurred to me until now that our place is less than 1000 yards from the runway of the Santa Monica airport.

Police, Reporters and Spectators At Scene Of Crash In Mar Vista.  Photo from NBC4.TV Map Of Area Where Plane Crashed.  Photo from NBC4.TV  [Note: Map is not accurate, but close enough to give you an idea.] Firefighters Attending To Burning House Hit By Plane.  Photo from NBC4.TV

While I am very sad for the couple who died in the plane crash two blocks from our house… and also sad for the family whose house burned down… tonight I am very grateful that my Hunny (who was at home when this happened) is ok and was not even aware that this had even happened.

Sharky, who used to live in this hood until a few months ago (she’d have been about a block and a half away from this), used to be able to see the runway and hangars from her window. A little mind-numbing that something like this happened practically in our backyard…

Plane Crashes Into Mar Vista Home, Two Confirmed Dead
Man And Woman Killed Were Aboard Plane

LOS ANGELES — A small plane approaching a local airport in heavy overcast crashed into a home in the Mar Vista area Tuesday, igniting a large fire and killing two people, authorities said. [full story]

More coverage & photos:
Photos from the AP: Here and here
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…I am exhausted and decide to dedicate my entire lunch hour to napping instead of eating, I expect to nap.

If you call me and wake me up to ask me a stupid question, not only will I be grumpy and mean from being tired and hungry, I also take no responsibility if I give you a f-ed up answer and you decide to follow my f-ed up advice.

(I know that people don’t necessarily know in advance of calling whether or not I’m sleeping, but it’s the stupid question part of this whole scenario that gets me.)

I’m just sayin…

Healthy Eating Tip

Chips and salsa does not qualify as a healthy dinner.

Unless you like getting heartburn the next day, that is.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world

Yoshi surprised me at the office, put up with my sleep-deprived self and helped me with my work until 2am.

I am truly a lucky girl!


I blame my bad mood on the Ides of March.

That, or the extreme amount of stress from Jobs #1, #2, and #3 combined with the entire ordeal of finding a place and moving.

And the dang people who were dealing with my housing for our Montreal trip this summer and charged my credit card twice so that I went over my credit limit and my credit card didn’t work.

And the fact that my car battery decided to die in the parking lot at work (even though I didn’t leave my headlights on or anything).

And because it’s 10:45 PM and I’m only STARTING on my work that has to be done tomorrow.


Thanks to…

…Sharky The Kid for listening to me vent tonight. I’m sorry I was in such a pissy mood.

…ProfessorEric for saving all those boxes for me and letting me run up and run away. I was in such a bad mood I did not want to stay and bite your head off accidentally. Your new place is lovely and next time I will come and stay and have a cup of tea, instead of treating like it is an am/pm or something. Sorry.

…and of course, Yoshi for putting up with my call this evening while I was waiting for AAA to come and jump my car. Sorry I was bitching and moaning. I know you were at work and I should have just calmed down before snapping at you.

I know I’m allowed to be irritable once in a while, but when I am over it, I always regret being so bitchy to people, especially to people I care about, because it’s just not my style.

F-U C(oc)K(sucking spamm) ER!

I know I need to install MT Blacklist, but if you haven’t done it either, block this IP address

I don’t give a flying crap about your [sertified knew kars].

UPDATE: The [sertified knew kars] folks are the same spammers as “someone” called Mopet who posted “Why do not I see me posts???” a while back. Every single one of my spammed posts also has stuff from that asswipe, too.

I wasn’t the only one who hated to NY Post suicide photo…

Mike Barnicle of the New York Daily News writes…

…I was stunned this week to see a front page photo of a 19-year-old New York University student leaping to her death. It wasn’t a news photo. It was a snuff shot, an awful picture of a young woman killing herself. And I’m pretty sure the average reader can figure why it was splashed across the front page: to sell papers.

But while it was shocking, it wasn’t memorable. I doubt it caused many readers to think about the life that was being erased, the event that triggered the action or the narrative – the story – that led a 19-year-old to arrive at the desperate point where she felt the only thing left to do was hurl herself off a roof. [full story]

Another Murphy update

I found out earlier this week that the vets have determined that Murphy’s hind legs are indeed paralyzed and that she will need a cart. They went to take her to be measured for the cart on Friday & ordered it the same day. They hope that Murph will have her cart by the end of this week.

It’s been a Ruff Day…
Click to see Murphy even bigger!
I took this photo when I last went to play ball with Murph at the end of December. I get a little crazy when I get excited about things (can you imagine?) and I kind of wore her out. This is Murphy looking at me like I made her run a marathon or ten.

Positive thoughts for Murphy are still happily being accepted.

Need to get caught up on Murphy?
This was the previous Murphy update from February 15
What happened to Murphy?
Murphy’s Antics: Telling jozjozjoz that it’s time to play ball, Murphy’s Law, Raining Cats & Dogs
Pictures of Murphy: Headshot, Looking out the window

I went to visit him.

Like I had nothing else to do today.

My list of things to do only has 120398470938274 things.

We won’t talk about how I was supposed to be in the office this morning. And packing. And bills.

Anyway. I went to see him. He is the sweetest thing. I wish our new place allowed dogs.

He is not meant to be MINE but he is meant to have a good home. (sigh)

Rusty has an alias!

Rusty is also known as Kazoo.

I fell in love with him when he looked like this!

They took some new pictures of him and he is completely adorable! He’s even been listed on craigslist.

Look how cute he is when he's cleaned up!

Guess what?! My brother has tentatively agreed to adopt Rusty/Kazoo, pending the approval of Mom, who is in TAIWAN!

But I fell in love with him way before these pictures!

I got an email from the foster home Kazoo was staying in this week. He is back in San Diego and I’ve got the application in my inbox, waiting for me to fill out.

Hang on Rusty/Kazoo… I want this Martian Taiwanese dog to come home with us!

Everything but the dog…

Thanks to everyone for their support and suggestions for a new place to live.

This has been so stressful, but it was good to know that we have so many good friends who have offered us leads for a new place, offered up their own homes, futons, and air mattresses as places to stay, given us general moving and home-hunting advice, and lent us their patient ears while we (ok, I) stressed out. We also had more than a couple of friends who spent time researching places for us, driving out and looking at places/sending us digital photos, friends who gave us access information to housing databases, etc. We even had friends bring boxes, offer to help us pack and move… it is all so overwhelming, and we are very grateful and very loved. Thank you.

So the good news is that we have found & been accepted for a place! Not just any place… it is nearly perfect… except for one small thing. We call it “Everything but the dog…” It is everything we wanted, but we can’t have a dog. Specifically, this dog, Rusty

Our place is everything that we wanted it to be… in a good neighborhood on a safe, quiet street, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, large living room, dining room, kitchen… a good amount of storage space, hardwood floors, built-in bookcases with a one car garage and easy street parking (with permit). AND it is month-to-month! One minus is that the place has no appliances (refrigerator, stove, or washer/dryer) at the moment, so we will need to get all of these. And of course, NO PETS was written in big bold text on the application and rental agreement. Since we do not actually HAVE a dog (we just really really wanted one), we could not pass up the place.

They are still working on the place (there is a lot of fixing up to do, plus they are planning to refinish the hardwood floors), so it will not be available until April 2 (moved up from April 3).

Moving aside, we both have a number of prior commitments that fall in and before this weekend. We have already started packing will likely need to have movers do the dirty work on the 2nd (we both have an event to be at the night, so we need to be done by 4:30pm on Friday).

If you still want to help us,
1) Help us find appliances (fridge, gas stove, washer/dryer)
2) Do you have suggestions for affordable movers?
3) Are you in So Cal and have a home that would welcome Rusty (and allow me visitation rights)?

Thanks again.

-Joz and Yoshi

Announcement coming soon.

Just putting it out there.

Another reason The NY Post sucks…

THIS is their front page story.


DEATH can’t part Christopher Lam from his beloved – he plans to wed tragic NYU student Diana Chien, whose suicide leap from a Midtown rooftop Saturday shook the school and the city.

“I am still going to marry her,” said Lam, who proposed to the beautiful NYU sophomore in January. [full story]

The headline and lead is written as if the guy wants to marry Elvis’s dead alien horse or something… it is in extremely sensationalistic, exploitative tabloid-style. To say FIVE paragraphs down that this is a SYMBOLIC wedding (vs. a crazy lunatic marry-a-corpse-but-somehow-the-law-allows-these-quirky-things-type legal wedding) and EIGHT paragraphs down that “Such posthumous weddings are not uncommon in some Asian cultures” is not only misleading, but also extremely disrespectful of the families and relationship itself. I won’t even start on “cultural sensitivity” because obviously, the Post just doesn’t give a shit.

Click here for a photo of the couple in happier times.

On a semi-related side note, the “article” states:

The symbolic ceremony will be conducted by a family friend, who is a minister, just two days before her funeral in San Francisco.

How interesting that now that the California court has halted the same-sex marriages in San Francisco, gays & lesbians who are fully alive can go back to having their “symbolic ceremonies.”

Good to know that in the eyes of the law, the love between to fully-living adults of the same sex is “legally equivalent” to the love between a straight couple in which one member has passed on.

Moving sucks, but Silver Lining #3 is…

… I now know of a wonderful apartment that is available… crackhouse adjacent!

Call me a snob, but if you go to check out an apartment and you pass 2 bums with shopping carts on your way to the front door and there is a crackhouse across the street, you probably should just leave.

However, the manager of the building had been really nice to me over the phone and she was expecting us, so I figured we should go and take a tour anyway.

I am grateful we came here because I was reminded not to “judge a book by its cover” since the apartment itself was actually quite nice… large, spacious, HIGH ceilings with plenty of light, a crazy amount of closet space, a balcony overlooking an incredible view of the hills, and the ability to have a (funny-looking) small dog. But Yoshi said that we weren’t allowed to live there. I said that it was a “last resort” type of place. So that place was (almost) everything we wanted EXCEPT for the location/neighborhood.

Although we don’t have anything against crackwhores per se, we just don’t think we’d ‘fit’ well in a neighborhood with them.

And obviously, we don’t have anything against homeless people, either… seeing as we shall soon be joining their ranks if we don’t find a place soon!

Can’t keep my eyes open

I keep yawning.

I call her the ‘Joz of Life’

Why? because she is a good friend to the professor, and is always very very nice when I talk to her on the phone or via email. What can I say? She is an oasis of goodness in a sea of badness. she is a chewy moist oatmeal raisin cookie, in a box of crumbly ones. She is wicked smart. She is popular. She is busy. But mainly, the professor likes her, and that’s enough for me. I would even help her move, as it is something I have always excelled at.
Thank you.
– Miss Brookline
(care of brother: professoreric)

F-ed up on SO many levels…

The NY Post has no shame…

A NYU student commited suicide and they have a picture of her falling to her death on the front page. [View image]

And the boyfriend is on xanga & people are leaving some really f-ed up comments.

And now, something completely unrelated to my current housing drama…

Check out the video attached to the interview on MSNBC… Click on the dancing Will Hung animation to read the story & see the video!

She Bangs!  She Bangs!

He has a point…

kinkoman says – If you work 24-7 then you wont really need a place to stay. Just get some shut eye here and there…

True, this is practically what it’s been like, but I still need a place for all my stuffs and to set up my computer (since I don’t have a laptop or wifi) and, and, oh yeah, a place to keep my Yosh. THAT’S the most important part! :)

P.S. – I still want a place that will let us have a funny-looking dog, though!

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