Daily Archive for March 30th, 2004

Healthy Eating Tip #2

I think I may start a new series of “Healthy Eating Tips” here at jozjozjoz.com. Of course, any ideas you get from here you try at your own risk…

Here’s a way to boost your immune system… eat your boogers! A vegetarian (?) deeelight!

Of course, even though I haven’t personally tried this, I must point out that I was waaay ahead of the game a few months ago, as proven by these IMs from approx 6 months ago, when Michael had thanksgiving recipes on his site:

him (3:14:19 PM): well there’s a lot of cooking stuff on here [on my site]
me (3:17:57 PM): the booger burger handbook?
him (3:21:05 PM): yup
him (3:21:06 PM): my fave

Found via Jane who found it via Kelley.

It’s official.

Hell week has begun.

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