him: (11:52:12 AM): sup yo
joz: (11:52:20 AM): yo yo!
him: (11:52:32 AM): you’re yo yoing?
joz: (11:52:42 AM): yeah
him: (11:54:04 AM): how fun
him: (11:54:08 AM): so what’s going on?
joz: (11:54:25 AM): yelling at you while yo-yoing my yellow yo-yo, yo.
him: (11:54:34 AM): lol
joz: (11:55:11 AM): yowch
him: (11:55:30 AM): i’m banning your from words that start with Y
him: (11:55:39 AM): *poof*
him: (11:55:42 AM): you’re now banned
joz: (11:56:00 AM): oh -eah?
joz: (11:56:04 AM): hey!
joz: (11:56:24 AM): -ou made me lose my – words!
him: (11:56:38 AM): yup
him: (11:56:46 AM): oh wait — this could be fun

him: (11:56:53 AM): i’m banning you from using the letter “e” period.
joz: (11:56:53 AM): -ou suck!
him: (11:56:57 AM): *poof*
joz: (11:57:15 AM): scruw u! :P
joz: (11:57:33 AM): haha!
him: (11:57:37 AM): lol
him: (11:57:44 AM): don’t make me do all the vowels, yo.
joz: (12:01:48 PM): I could just replac3 th3s3 with thr33s
him: (12:01:55 PM): lol
him: (12:02:00 PM): and how long did it take you to do that
joz: (12:02:12 PM): I took a phon3 call, damn -ou!
joz: (12:02:18 PM): I’m not THAT slow!
joz: (12:02:26 PM): ha! no 3s or -s in that s3nt3nc3!
him: (12:02:28 PM): 1t’5 m0r3 d1ff1cult th4t w4y.
joz: (12:03:05 PM): I’m banning -OU from all NUMB3RS!
him: (12:03:28 PM): lol
joz: (12:03:38 PM): And 3v3ry oth3r consonant b3ginning with “D”
him: (12:03:42 PM): lol
joz: (12:03:45 PM): *p00f!*
him: (12:03:47 PM): i never use d’s
joz: (12:04:54 PM): -ou are bann3d from the following letters: dgjlnqsvxz
him: (12:05:33 PM): ok. i ca- -o that.
him: (12:05:55 PM): wait — you didn’t poof me
joz: (12:06:04 PM): -3s I DID!
joz: (12:06:22 PM): dgjlnqsvxz is 3v3ry oth3r consonant b3ginning with “D”
joz: (12:06:27 PM): i did the work for you
him: (12:06:42 PM): lol oh
him: (12:06:43 PM): ok
him: (12:06:51 PM): you weren’t specific enuf
joz: (12:06:54 PM): i was g3n3rous, too. most of those l3tt3rs ar3n’t used that often
him: (12:07:20 PM): yup
joz: (12:08:02 PM): OOOoh! -ou ar3 in troubl3! I s33 that -ou used “s” and “n”
joz: (12:08:11 PM): -ou’re fir3d!
him: (12:08:22 PM): lol
him: (12:08:30 PM): (i’m kind’a busy — so i’m being quick)
joz: (12:09:07 PM): -3ah, -3ah… 3xcus3s, 3xcus3s!
him: (12:09:28 PM): i know
joz: (12:10:18 PM): ok, i’m blogging this!
him: (12:10:23 PM): lol
joz: (12:10:24 PM): *poof*

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