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him: (11:52:12 AM): sup yo
joz: (11:52:20 AM): yo yo!
him: (11:52:32 AM): you’re yo yoing?
joz: (11:52:42 AM): yeah
him: (11:54:04 AM): how fun
him: (11:54:08 AM): so what’s going on?
joz: (11:54:25 AM): yelling at you while yo-yoing my yellow yo-yo, yo.
him: (11:54:34 AM): lol
joz: (11:55:11 AM): yowch
him: (11:55:30 AM): i’m banning your from words that start with Y
him: (11:55:39 AM): *poof*
him: (11:55:42 AM): you’re now banned
joz: (11:56:00 AM): oh -eah?
joz: (11:56:04 AM): hey!
joz: (11:56:24 AM): -ou made me lose my – words!
him: (11:56:38 AM): yup
him: (11:56:46 AM): oh wait — this could be fun
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It’s the lack of sleep…

… I don’t know where the key gnomes came from, but keep them away from me.

Hi Hunny… I’m home!

Oh wait, I probably shouldn’t yell that into the house since it’s past 2am & the Yoshi is already sleeping. Contrary to the obvious suspicion, I didn’t get back from work just now… for once. I *should* have been at Office #2, but I had something else to tend to.

We got up early today (Sunday!) to start the first of an extended move. We were supposed to be out by the end of the month, but we told our landlords that having an extra weekend would help us tremendously. So we’re paying double rent for about a week. But it buys us an extra week and a half to pack and move. Knowing that I’ve been working almost literally 24/7, that extra time is totally necesary especially since I’ve done less than my fair share of packing.

Anyway, I have a belated Friday Gratitude™ for our friends J & C (yes, the same J & C of the “butt shaving-flavored tea” conversation who came over on Friday night after work bringing Chinese food over to make sure we were fed and then for helping us pack. With their help, it felt like more progress was made in one night than what was done in a week. And C came with me to Office #2 to help me with whatever menial tasks and to basically keep me company. It was great. Except after I took C home, I went back to the office and stayed up almost all night working. That pretty much sucked.

Anyway, back to Sunday. We got up early and my Bro and his friend P drove all the way out from OC with P’s pickup truck to help us move our new washer/dryer (stackable) & fridge to the garage of our new place. Our new place looks great… the hardwood floors have been refinished and look stunning, but we can’t move anything in until the place has been cleaned and the hardwood floors are sealed. But our new landlord said that we could move things into the garage early if we needed to.

It took 2 trips to get our appliances to our new place, and the guys did all the heavy lifting, so that was great. But all of this is still mentally exhausting & stressful. After the guys had left our place, Yoshi and I decided to head back home and try to make one more trip to our new place. That didn’t happen because I suddenly realized my entire wad of keys… including the keys to both my new home & old home, my car keys & ‘clicker’, keys to my parents house, keys my grandmother’s home, my mom’s new rental property, keys to murphy’s mom’s house, keys to miscellaneous mailboxes & padlocks, and of course keys to my office… all of that had suddenly disappeared.

I called my brother immediately who mas more than halfway home. I had only sat in the passenger seat of the truck so my brother looked all over & couldn’t find them. Then I got desperate and called the poor girl who had sold us her appliances I thought maybe I’d left my keys in her kitchen when we were messing with the fridge. But she wasn’t home.

By the time we got to our current home, I began to imagine that a tribe of key gnomes* had found my keys and were traversing all of L.A. trying each key in every keyhole, one at a time and that when they* found my home, they’d* expect me to pay them in bubble gum, but that I wouldn’t have any bubble gum to give them since all the kitchen stuff was already packed and mislabeled and actually got stored in the garage with the new appliances so then I directed the key gnome* tribe into the garage where I shut the door on them* and kept them* hostage until they swore they’d* never use my keys again.

I mean, by the time we got home, my brother had gotten back to his place in OC and found my keys under the seat, near the backseat of the P’s truck. So the reason I couldn’t get in work on Sunday night was because my keys accidentally took a vacation down to the O.C.

At least I knew where they were and I took a little nap before getting into the car at 11pm to go down to OC to get my keys & take care of a few things before heading back here. And I’m grateful I will not have any run-ins with any key gnomes* anytime in the near future.

*Absolutely no key gnomes were hurt in the writing of this blog post.

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