What is going on with orkut?

In the last two hours, I’ve received from orkut more than 10 “approvals” and notifications for testimonials to approve.

The weird part is that I haven’t received any all week. I fail to believe everyone is “approving” and “testimonializing” [it’s a new word in the joz-dictionary, shut up] my orkut stuff at the same time. And when I go in to approve the testimonials, I can’t find them.

At least I haven’t been thrown into orkut jail in a few weeks, either…

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2 Responses to “What is going on with orkut?”

  • I’ve noticed that email notifications from Orkut tend to be less than timely.

    I log in and see that someone has invited me to join their friends list and I accept them. A day later I usually get the email that says: jozjozjoz wants you to be a friend!

    Technology at it’s finest.

  • orkut (which I always pronoucn outkut) is funky like that. it sends weird messages at weird times.

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