I just got home and was looking forward to a shower & nap (dare I call it sleep?) and they are using CHAINSAWS outside our window.


UPDATE @ 2:17pm: AND a sledgehammer to break down bricks and concrete blocks…

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6 Responses to “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”

  • DAMN THEM!! Damn them all to HELL!!!!!

  • Awww, I am sorry Joz, that is like coming home today from the funeral hoping to squeeze in a nap, when they have a band in the Alumni Park, which is right next to my Door, having some concert. Rawwr.

  • That like when I have to be early at work the next morning and the stupid teenager next door decides to put the volume on her radio up loud because her parents arent home and she can do whatever she wants! ArrrrGHHH! 311? yes, I would like to file a complaint for civil disturbance…

  • You poor girl.

    I used to get that sort’ve bullshit when I was sick as a fucking dog with Mono at college. I swear to God they were mowing the fucking lawn EVERY SINGLE DAY DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY OPENED WINDOW.

  • POOR THING:( We have had the power company crawling through our nice quiet little town trimming the trees that are going to disutrb their power lines. THEN mulching them right there in the street. The sure did butcher up the tree across the street. Hope the leaves cover those STUMPS they left:(

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