A trip to the ATM is definitely on the top of my list…

My co-worker R (he hates it when I refer to him as “The New Eric”) was nice enough to buy my lunch from Arby’s (chicken sandwich, fries, and coke) today.

It was probably because when I reached to give him money for lunch, I started dumping out change.

R: I don’t want pennies and quarters! Don’t you have any bills?!
joz: If I had any bills, I’d be giving them to you, rather than scrounging for pennies.

In the end, he still went out and bought me lunch, so I have decided that he gets 5 extra cool points in my book.

For the record, including all the pennies I could find around my desk, THIS is all the cash I have on me today:


I’d better find a kickass spokesperson for the JozThong™ so that the sales will “skyrocket.”

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