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stkyrice & aiyahh are getting married standing in line again!!! (aka : It’s a small world.)

[I was trying to post this earlier, but I was actually *gasp* working… if you think that this looks familiar, visit the Valentine’s Day post…]

Our friends stkyrice & aiyahh are in line at City Hall in SF right now to get married to get tickets for The Producers in NYC!!

Efren and Howard!  This photo was taken by Amy Langfield and posted at buzznet
aiyahh stkyrice (Efren) is on the left and stkyrice aiyahh (Howard) is on the right!
Photo by Amy Langfield and posted at Buzznet

Marriage is love… The World’s Most Famous Married Gay Asian Male Couple™!

stkyrice is IMing me with his Sidekick while in the 2-3 hour wait. I want pictures! I wish I was up there in New York City to be the photographer!

They’ve been in line since 10am I dunno when. They say that it’s “controlled chaos” there and that everyone is very excited! I’m sitting here at my desk and I’m excited for them! [Ok, they didn’t say the “controlled chaos” thing this time, but they COULD have!]

I am trying to convince them to lead everyone waiting in a “We are getting married Producers tickets!” cheer. [Ok, I’m done now…]

… actually, the coolest part of this story is below…
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A trip to the ATM is definitely on the top of my list…

My co-worker R (he hates it when I refer to him as “The New Eric”) was nice enough to buy my lunch from Arby’s (chicken sandwich, fries, and coke) today.

It was probably because when I reached to give him money for lunch, I started dumping out change.

R: I don’t want pennies and quarters! Don’t you have any bills?!
joz: If I had any bills, I’d be giving them to you, rather than scrounging for pennies.

In the end, he still went out and bought me lunch, so I have decided that he gets 5 extra cool points in my book.

For the record, including all the pennies I could find around my desk, THIS is all the cash I have on me today:


I’d better find a kickass spokesperson for the JozThong™ so that the sales will “skyrocket.”

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