Daily Archive for March 24th, 2004

Infinitely amused…

… the contest is close:

Who will be the Official jozjozjoz-thong™ Model/Spokesmodel?

The infamous JozThong™

Will it be the ever-anxious Kevin, with his horrifying slingshot?

Will it be Keith, whose accidental anti-nomination garnered him a few votes and anti-votes?

Will it be Genevieve Gallen, our favorite non-6’2″ model whose offer to make flan and pineapple-upside down cake has garnered the attention of pineapple-lovers and cake-lovers alike?

Will it be flan, the sweet dessert that people seem to love… or love to hate… and which seems to have captured the hearts and votes of the gay male community? Also, in a surprising twist, flan has also the received the endorsement of Sisqo and his homies…

This in from professoreric:

Just thought every one should know, that with all of this talk of ‘thongs’ the inevitable has happened, and you just might be surprised how unexpectedly things have turned out… I just got off the phone with music magician and wordsmith Sisqo’s publicist. You may remember him from the hit “The Thong Song” which swept the nation with thong fever (incidentally a simple aspirin seems to take care of that.)

On the phone, I expected to hear an word of another cease and desist order claiming that Sisqo had the official rights to all things thong, and was ready to put this poll out of commission. To my utmost surprise Sisqo has officially announced his vote (and 12 votes for his homies as well). Their choice is of course for “flan”. To help flan in its campaign, Sisqo is putting the last alterations on flan’s new campaign song, a tweaked version of his #1 hit, to be called simply “The Flan Song”. Some lyrics have been leaked to me from “sources” and here is a sampling: “…all night long/ let me see that flan./ That flan flan flan flan flan…” “…Listen, that flan’s so scandalous/ And I know another @#$* couldn’t handle it/ And it’s shaking that thing like who’s the ish…” (not sure what an ish is? But he is said to still be ironing out the wrinkles.)

He also mentioned that in the video for “The Flan Song” he would be honored to have all of the “losers” (his words, not mine) of the poll shake it on the beach in the Joz-thong while holding large scrumptious plates of flan (granted that the flan is the focus of the video and none of the participants distract too much [he seemed especially worried about Kevin]).

Or is there another candidate waiting in the wings to attempt to take the lead?

Have you voted yet? The polls close soon…

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