Re: Requested Information

Dear Professor Eric,

Thank you for your follow up on my request for information. You mentioned in your note that I should let you know if I need more information. This correspondence is my formal request: YES! PLEASE SEND MORE!

Thanks in advance for your attention.


P.S. – Rowena Chavez no longer works in my office, so please make sure you update your database with her replacement: Teresita Ontong. Thanks.

P.P.S. – Look what I did with your information!

P.P.S. – I had to do a little “corporate re-shuffling.” What do you think?

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13 Responses to “Re: Requested Information”

  • OMG! Could that be ME next to the noisy paperclips and what looks like “2 cotton balls humping”? I have never been so honored!!! :)

  • Dearest Jozjozjoz,

    My utmost apologies for not knowing that Ms. Rowena Chavez had left your company. My database has been updated and in the future you will have the correct name on all documents sent to you from our office. I hope that the requested information finds you well, and that it will prove useful and suitable for your important needs. I will work on sending you the additional information requested. Please let me know if there is anything else that my staff may do to assist you. We are here for you whenever your needs may arise. You have the number for our 24-hour hotline, and someone from my staff is always assigned that position (with the exception of Yom Kippur). On Yom Kippur, if you need assistance, feel free to contact the Rabbi, at Temple Beth Territorio Ocupado Shalom in beautiful downtown Burbank, and he will be glad to pass the message along to me. As always, thank you for your patronage.

    With warm regards,


  • P.S. Yes! genevieve that is indeed a picture of you. I am sorry i am not a better artist. it was done in but less then a minute i beleive. to get back at me i think you should draw one of me. (in a tube top…)

  • Yes, Genevieve…

    That is indeed a genuine, one-of-a-kind, original Red Sharpie on Yellow Post-It rendition of the (in)famous Genevieve Gallen Newsstand Photo™ by ProfessorEric. It has been on my file cabinet since about 2 days after the original photo was taken. I will try to scan it for a more detailed view. (Sorry the office camera is so crappy)

    On a sidenote, so far, I have received the most private messages about that particular piece of Post-It Art.

  • Although such a piece of artwork is truly unique, I *might* consider putting it up on the auction block to the highest bidder.


  • Ooh! that could be interesting! i would have to sign it on the back before it got sent out. you know, to authenticate it. (have you looked on ebay? there are already tons of imposters…)

  • Private notes about it? I dare think not more than the Cilantro! I do like it, though. Professoreric is quite the…ah…artist! :)

  • okay, ::jozjozjoz:: — here’s the deal: you get *BOTH* professoreric and gg to autograph it, and i’ll buy it from you, for a premium price (at least two dollars, possibly more!!) 8^D

  • ooh! do we have our first bid! do i hear four dollars? Four? the man in the back with the fadora?

  • if it is a temporary trend that sweeps the nation, and is a fedora like hat then it is indeed spelled “fadora”… but thanks.

  • Keith, will you pay an extra quarter if *I* sign it, too?

  • Oh, HECK, :: jozjozjoz ::

    If *YOU* sign it, too, that artwork’s triple-authenticated by all of the artist, subject, *AND* producer. I’m afraid I’d have to offer as much as $5 for it, in that case. (I hope I’m not too late.)

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