What the hell?

Urban Outfitters is charging $24 for an ugly faded t-shirt with “chopstick” writing with the words “Everyone Loves An Asian Girl“!?!?!?!?

Stupid 'Everyone Loves An Asian Girl' shirt Lame ass t-shirt And expensive shit, too!

It’s so stupid, I don’t even know where to begin the rant…

Evidently, they have “Latin Girl,” “Italian Girl,” “Catholic Girl” tees, and a “Jewish Girl” and “Jewish Boy” one, too.

I smell stupid publicity stunt (ala Aberfuckme & Bitch), or “edginess” gone idiotic, or just plain stupidity. Who would wear a shirt like that? Not me, thankyouverymuch… I’ll just stick to my DIRT-TEE!

Better yet, I will go to my friend Ryan Suda’s site and get a blacklava tee… maybe another BITCHY KAT TEE (ala bigbadchinesemama, Kristina Wong!). Not only are they cooler, and not fucking racist, they are also priced better than those UO rip-offs!

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37 Responses to “What the hell?”

  • maybe joz should get a t-shirt that says “everyone loves jozjozjoz” and then we’d ALL be happy ;)

  • A Friend bought me the “Jewish Girl’ shirt, and I am not sure how I feel about it, either.
    Joz– If you get the Asian Girl one, let’s swap and wear them walking down the street together.

    -The Professor’s Sister

  • now that just deserves a O.o right there. it’s almost as bad as seeing an asian guy on my campus wearing a shirt that said, “i can speak english” on it.

    personally, i’d rather get the catholic girl tee and dress up all skanky-lookin’ :P

  • Sickening, yes, but the more scary thing is that people actually buy that shit. Can you see me rolling my eyes?

    And no, I didn’t get a burrito, sadly. I cry.

  • fire up the barbecue, cuz somethin’s about to get torched…

  • oh, and WTF does it mean when it says, “show your pride”?!??!?!!

  • Shouldn’t the model be at least Asian?

  • I was going to say the something about how there is no corresponding “Asian Boy” shirt.

    And also, check out the other shirts… a PIZZA for the Italian shirt, a MUG OF BEER for the German shirt, a ROSARY for the Catholic shirt.

    And why is there nothing for our African American brothas & sistas?

    That’s it. UO is stupider than A&F. I think I’m going to do some shopping at http://www.blacklava.net instead


  • Ugh…You know, its only going to be a matter of time before I start seeing those shirts around my campus. I hope my sister does not see that, because she has this huge “I am asian, and I love it” thing going on, which is so great, but she would actually buy that shirt not thinking about how it can be offensive.

  • I don’t think there is anything really wrong with the shirt, but then I’m not Asian. Apparently either is the model.
    Maybe her girlfriend is Asian.
    OK, it’s silly.

  • Aberfuckme & Bitch…that’s a good one. And accurate too; all the kids who wore it in my high school were so stuck up it wasn’t funny.

  • Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel absolutely EVERY St. Patrick’s Day when the fuckwitted marketing for every fuckwitted bar across the country puts out radio bits featuring a leprechaun with a HORRIBLE Irish brogue talking about strippers/wet t-shirt contests/corned beef (honestly, I’ve never eaten corned beef, nor does my Gram cook it) and the accompanying jokes about how c’mon, drink more beer, all *real* Irishmen are raging fucking alcoholics who drink TONS AND TONS AND TONS of green beer!

    Bite me, people. Everyone loves an Irish girl, especially when she teams up with her Asian and Italian sisters and they bludgeon you with pint glasses, chopsticks and rolling pins. Yeah.

  • This is as bad as whichever company did the Ganesh on the sandals thing….sheeeesh. And people are buying these shirts???

  • Apparently A&F thought Urban Outfitters has stolen their thunder so they decided to come out with an “It’s all Relative in West Virginia” T-shirt – http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2004-03-23-tshirts_x.htm

  • …dont take me as a dumbass or anything but whats wrong with the shirt? how is it offensive?? why wouldnt anyone buy that shirt? i thinks kool.

  • ya i’m wondering the same thing…i’m half asian and my friends and i were thinking about getting that shirt…but we couldn’t figure out why it is offensive…of course it’s probably really obvious but i’d really like to know why it’s offensive because if it is then we won’t buy it

  • What’s with the “chopstick” writing. I wonder if Urban Outfitters realizes that Asian includes Middle Eastern as well. Stop going with the stereotype that Asians are only Chinese, japanese, etc.

  • erm what seems to b the problem, i dont c how it is offensive? please explain to me?

  • erm what seems to b the problem, i dont c how it is offensive? please explain to me?

  • erm what seems to b the problem, i dont c how it is offensive? please explain to me?

  • i like the shirt and a lot of my friends have the one thatsay everyone loves a jewish girl..its cute and we like it so there…

  • i like the shirt and a lot of my friends have the one thatsay everyone loves a jewish girl..its cute and we like it so there…

  • hey do u know where i can get the ” everyone loves alatin girl shirt” i’ve seen them on girls but never seen them in tha stores email me back i what to buy one from a store thanks!

  • umm..so yeah, im asian and i dont find anything offensive about it. actually, im even thinking about buying it. you guys really do overanalyze things. if you’re not even asian, then you can’t judge. get over it, seriously. sheesh.

  • Yea i agree, u guys are making a big deal over some shirt. It only acknowledges the fact that there are more than one different culture here in America. Also, it should be wonderful to see that another race or type of religion is proud of who and what he/she is.

  • I too am half Asian and own the shirt and see nothing wrong with it… sadly some of you spend your time bitching about it.. if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.. if its too expensive go to a cheaper store.. my god what does it matter if they make a shirt and price it at 24$??? no one is making you buy it.

  • $24? that’s not even expensive.

  • I’m half Asian and half Irish and I own both shirts! I think they are comfy, first of all. Secondy, they are a good conversation starter for me because I don’t look Asian or Irish, so whenever I wear them people always ask me if it’s true. It certainly doesn’t offend me.

  • I don’t see anything offensive about the shirts. In all honesty it’s more of a cultural pride thing with the shirts and if you think that someone being proud of their roots is offensive then I’m sorry, but I suppose that just proves how little tolerance people have for those who are different.

  • Wow. You people have absolutely nothing productive to do with your time, do you? I’m asian, and I don’t think that shirt is offensive. The whole problem with this country is that everyone is so paranoyed of racism, even when there isn’t any. It’s not like anyone’s making you buy it. What are you going to do, riot? I just think it’s cute. Good Lord.

  • The only reason i bought the everybody loves a latin girl shirt is because i’m taking latin in school, i also do have a keychain too but the asian, jewish, catholic ones are a little too religious. i’m not saying i’m another stuck up a&f shopper but it wasa good idea. but 24 dollars is a lot for just a shirt that will probally fall apart in like a week. i didn’t buy thr shirt at urban outfitters but i got it online for 15, i still thing a&f and urban outfitters need to cut their prices in half

  • you’re fucking stupid ass hell. go to hell bitch!

  • hey i wear abercrombie and fitch…what is your fucking problem? no one cares what you want to wear….i’m asian, too and i honestly will purchase that shirt, cause it’s awesome, you’re just mad because no one made a shirt to suit your pathetic ass. grow up, and who cares what you think, atleast you don’t have one…so why do you even care to worry? fucking stupid.

  • I think ya’ll are too paranoid… like someone else said earlier. It’s a damn shirt. That’s it. I’m Jewish and don’t think it’s too religious. Personally, I think it’s funny. I never see “Jewish Pride” clothes anywhere so it’s frikkin hilarious. And about A&F… I don’t wear their shit but there’s nothing wrong with it. If they wanna make a stupid shirt, GET OVER IT! Many will agree with me when I say get a life and stop worrying about clothes. There’s more important things to worry about.

  • OMFG what kind of a fucking dumb ass do you have to be to start a blog about how much you hate everyone loves logo t-shirts seriously it’s people like you that fuck it up for everyone and why do you hate abercrombie so much? is it because they don’t carry your size? sorry but just because you are fat doesn’t mean jack shit if that’s the reason you are hating on them then why don’t you just stick to shopping at places like torrid or some other crap and I don’t believe paying $24 for a t-shirt is too much if you find that expensive then maybe you should find a better paying job get over yourself everyone is entitled to shop where they want and wear whatever on their chest… what are you going to do next hate on lacoste for selling $90 polos? seriously go do something productive with your time like hit up the gym so u can actually shop at places like abercrombie or hollister…. and just to let you know I work at hollister which is the sister store to abercrombie and I am a frequent buyer at both places!

  • i have one that says everyone loves a girl that loves boys that love boys that girls that love girls. it’s really making fun of the shirts and it generally confuses people. i love it.

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