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I love my Mom & Dad…. and some Taiwanese political stuff

I don’t like to talk about politics on my blog that much, but you may have heard about the assassination attempt on Taiwanese President Chen Shui-Bian & Vice President Annette Lu while they were campaigning for a second term for the election that is happening right now (it’s already Saturday in Taiwan).

I finally got a call from my parents who are both in Taiwan right now. Part of the reason they are there is because they are campaigning on behalf of President Chen. Without going into it too deeply, my family is extremely involved in the pro-democracy/pro-independence movement in Taiwan & has been for a number of decades. It is not unusual for my parents, aunts and uncles to spend months at a time back there, campaigning before election time. [I don’t want to debate the Taiwanese independence “issue” here. To me, there is no “issue.” China needs to stop bullying a tiny little island of people who already have their own government, currency, and elections. It is not a “rogue province,” Taiwan is its own country. Taiwan deserves its own seat at the international table, and China needs to stop getting in the way of that. Stop pointing those missles at Taiwan. And by the way, no one is falling for the “target practice” or “military exercises” you are conducting just miles off the coast of Taipei.]

I knew that both Mom and Dad have been making speeches and doing press in support of A-Bian & VP Lu. So I was shocked and upset to hear that A-Bian and VP Annette had been shot. Thankfully, the wounds were not life-threatening and they will continue on. More personally, thankfully my parents were not in harm’s way.

But I was still really, really upset that I had not been able to reach my parents on the phone this entire week. I even tried to call my mom before going to bed at 4am this morning (yes, I was up working all night) and all I could do was leave a voicemail on my dad’s cell phone asking him or my mom to call me back. When he tried to call me while I was driving to work this morning at 8:30am, I accidentally hung up on him while trying to answer my phone. Gah!

They finally got through this evening (about an hour ago) as I was about to leave my office. I spent about half an hour (combined) talking to them. They had just gotten back from voting and were trying to fill me in on everything happening there. It was really good to hear both their voices, which is kind of weird because most of the time, talking to either of them just drives me bonkers. But I guess all this made me realize that I actually miss them more than I thought I did.

Anyway, a bit of sap for my parents mixed with some Taiwanese politics. Maybe someday I will lay out my political thoughts more coherently, but right now, I just wanted to be express my gratitude for my parents and family and all that they have fought for and given (and given up for) us. I don’t say it nearly enough, but it’s one of those “given gratitudes” which I really need to voice more often.

And oh yeah, my mom finally gave the okay for my brother to adopt a certain Taiwanese Martian Dog.

What the hell?

Urban Outfitters is charging $24 for an ugly faded t-shirt with “chopstick” writing with the words “Everyone Loves An Asian Girl“!?!?!?!?

Stupid 'Everyone Loves An Asian Girl' shirt Lame ass t-shirt And expensive shit, too!

It’s so stupid, I don’t even know where to begin the rant…

Evidently, they have “Latin Girl,” “Italian Girl,” “Catholic Girl” tees, and a “Jewish Girl” and “Jewish Boy” one, too.

I smell stupid publicity stunt (ala Aberfuckme & Bitch), or “edginess” gone idiotic, or just plain stupidity. Who would wear a shirt like that? Not me, thankyouverymuch… I’ll just stick to my DIRT-TEE!

Better yet, I will go to my friend Ryan Suda’s site and get a blacklava tee… maybe another BITCHY KAT TEE (ala bigbadchinesemama, Kristina Wong!). Not only are they cooler, and not fucking racist, they are also priced better than those UO rip-offs!

My Friday Gratitudes…

… I am grateful I will have a new place to live (new lease signed yesterday)…

… I am grateful that I will have help with all that must be accomplished in the next few weeks…

…I am grateful that it is Friday!

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