yoshi in a bubble…

ok, so there is lots going on around our soon to be vacated house. they’ve cleared the plants and shrubs from the front of the property, they’re replacing the fence, and this week they’re painting both houses and garage.

all is well inside this little house as well, packing is going smoothly, etc. but this morning i was greeted by the painter, who informed me that he was about to cover all the windows and our front door with plastic so he could paint. ok. never quite realized what that would entail. every possible way out of my house is covered with plastic.

now i’m stuck inside while he paints the front of the house, no way out, can’t even see outside. is it getting stuffy in here?

Yoshi: yoshi in a bubble!
jozjozjoz: in a bubble?
Yoshi: yup. J (?) taped up all the windows and door. i feel like i’m in a plastic bubble.
jozjozjoz: Oh yeah.
jozjozjoz: When I was leaving for work, he asked if you were home today
jozjozjoz: I said yes.
Yoshi: i should take pictures.
jozjozjoz: I have my digital camera with me… Take pictures with my regular camera
Yoshi: it’s cool. i’m wrapping stuffs and content to be inside. but it’s getting kind of stuffy.
Yoshi: good thing i’m not like claustrophobic or anything.
jozjozjoz: I think you should make a post on the blog
jozjozjoz: Yoshi in a bubble!
Yoshi: that is J, right?
jozjozjoz: I think so
jozjozjoz: And I never knew what J looked like.
jozjozjoz: But it occurred to me this morning he might be the butt plug guy.
Yoshi: eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yoshi: ok. his hair is a different color. but i think he’s driving the same car.
jozjozjoz: He knew your name
jozjozjoz: Asked if you were home all day
jozjozjoz: Well I saw him yesterday
jozjozjoz: Then I thought “Gay boy painter.”
Yoshi: hmmmm…
Yoshi: yup. same guy.
Yoshi: please refrain from calling him butt plug guy.
Yoshi: i have to talk to him, you know!
jozjozjoz: Then I was brushing my teeth and heard him outside with the dogs
jozjozjoz: And I was like “Good thing that gay boy painter gets along with the dogs and *click* ewwwww……..”
jozjozjoz: It all made sense
Yoshi: in that weird, “we have a life like no other” kind of way.
jozjozjoz: haha
jozjozjoz: I think you need to blog
Yoshi: okie. where’s the camera?
jozjozjoz: In my desk

incidentally, we’re going to go sign the lease for our new place this afternoon…

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