Moving sucks, but Silver Lining #4 is…

… we will no longer be in the flight path of small planes.

Home Video Captures Mar Vista Home Burning After Crash.   Photo from NBC4.TV Residents Trying To Put Out Flames Of Mar Vista Home After Plane Crashes Into It.  Photo from NBC4.TV A plane crashed into a house Tuesday evening over Mar Vista leaving smoke filled skies in its wake.  Photo from NBC4.TV

I was shocked when Yoshi called me this evening after I’d left work to tell me that there had been a plane crash two blocks away from our house. When Yosh left the house this evening, our street had been mostly blocked off with emergency vehicles. By the time I got home (just before 10pm), our foggy street was lined with news vans getting ready for the nightly local news. People out walking their dogs in our quiet neighborhood were ogling the officials who were set up to work all night.

It never occurred to me until now that our place is less than 1000 yards from the runway of the Santa Monica airport.

Police, Reporters and Spectators At Scene Of Crash In Mar Vista.  Photo from NBC4.TV Map Of Area Where Plane Crashed.  Photo from NBC4.TV  [Note: Map is not accurate, but close enough to give you an idea.] Firefighters Attending To Burning House Hit By Plane.  Photo from NBC4.TV

While I am very sad for the couple who died in the plane crash two blocks from our house… and also sad for the family whose house burned down… tonight I am very grateful that my Hunny (who was at home when this happened) is ok and was not even aware that this had even happened.

Sharky, who used to live in this hood until a few months ago (she’d have been about a block and a half away from this), used to be able to see the runway and hangars from her window. A little mind-numbing that something like this happened practically in our backyard…

Plane Crashes Into Mar Vista Home, Two Confirmed Dead
Man And Woman Killed Were Aboard Plane

LOS ANGELES — A small plane approaching a local airport in heavy overcast crashed into a home in the Mar Vista area Tuesday, igniting a large fire and killing two people, authorities said. [full story]

More coverage & photos:
Photos from the AP: Here and here

This article from the L.A. Times describes what happened in much more detail:

2 Killed as Plane Crashes Into Home

Pilot trying to land in dense fog nose-dives into a Mar Vista kitchen, killing himself and wife.

A private pilot from Malibu who was trying to land in dense fog and cloud cover Tuesday crashed his plane into a home near the Santa Monica airport, killing himself and his wife and setting the home ablaze.

Witnesses in the Mar Vista neighborhood said they heard the plane circling perhaps three times before it clipped garages and power lines and then nose-dived into the kitchen of a home in the 3300 block of Mountain View Avenue, narrowly missing the homeowner.

James Whiting, 57, said he was walking in his living room and talking on his cellphone when he felt “an enormous shudder and crash … about 10 to 15 feet behind me. Where the kitchen had been, was an enormous, orange ball of flames.” Whiting’s family wasn’t home. [full story]

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