Daily Archive for March 16th, 2004


…I am exhausted and decide to dedicate my entire lunch hour to napping instead of eating, I expect to nap.

If you call me and wake me up to ask me a stupid question, not only will I be grumpy and mean from being tired and hungry, I also take no responsibility if I give you a f-ed up answer and you decide to follow my f-ed up advice.

(I know that people don’t necessarily know in advance of calling whether or not I’m sleeping, but it’s the stupid question part of this whole scenario that gets me.)

I’m just sayin…

Healthy Eating Tip

Chips and salsa does not qualify as a healthy dinner.

Unless you like getting heartburn the next day, that is.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world

Yoshi surprised me at the office, put up with my sleep-deprived self and helped me with my work until 2am.

I am truly a lucky girl!

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