Thanks to…

…Sharky The Kid for listening to me vent tonight. I’m sorry I was in such a pissy mood.

…ProfessorEric for saving all those boxes for me and letting me run up and run away. I was in such a bad mood I did not want to stay and bite your head off accidentally. Your new place is lovely and next time I will come and stay and have a cup of tea, instead of treating like it is an am/pm or something. Sorry.

…and of course, Yoshi for putting up with my call this evening while I was waiting for AAA to come and jump my car. Sorry I was bitching and moaning. I know you were at work and I should have just calmed down before snapping at you.

I know I’m allowed to be irritable once in a while, but when I am over it, I always regret being so bitchy to people, especially to people I care about, because it’s just not my style.

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  • Sweetpea, no worries. you are more then welcome to am/pm me any time. for most people that’s all they can handle anyway. you have definatly payed your dues and have earned the right to run in and out real quick. especially when so much ison oyur plate. mmmm… plate… now i am hungry.

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