I wasn’t the only one who hated to NY Post suicide photo…

Mike Barnicle of the New York Daily News writes…

…I was stunned this week to see a front page photo of a 19-year-old New York University student leaping to her death. It wasn’t a news photo. It was a snuff shot, an awful picture of a young woman killing herself. And I’m pretty sure the average reader can figure why it was splashed across the front page: to sell papers.

But while it was shocking, it wasn’t memorable. I doubt it caused many readers to think about the life that was being erased, the event that triggered the action or the narrative – the story – that led a 19-year-old to arrive at the desperate point where she felt the only thing left to do was hurl herself off a roof. [full story]

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4 Responses to “I wasn’t the only one who hated to NY Post suicide photo…”

  • I totally agree with what he is saying. My Dad is a photographer, and the art of photography is supposed to capture impacting images wether happy or sad…not to capture the desperation of a young woman, to use to sell papers. That is sickening.

  • …I agree wholeheartedly with the article.

  • I can see why the New York Daily News posted this rebuttal story. Its because they didn’t get to publish the photo first! For those of you that are not New Yorkers, The Daily News is in fact another tabloid that favors sensational stories. Although, the two newspapers do post real, down to earth stories. The real stories that pay their bills are the ones that are in fact sensational. Only one New York paper will print the news thats fit to print and that’s the New York Times. IMHO.

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