Daily Archive for March 15th, 2004


I blame my bad mood on the Ides of March.

That, or the extreme amount of stress from Jobs #1, #2, and #3 combined with the entire ordeal of finding a place and moving.

And the dang people who were dealing with my housing for our Montreal trip this summer and charged my credit card twice so that I went over my credit limit and my credit card didn’t work.

And the fact that my car battery decided to die in the parking lot at work (even though I didn’t leave my headlights on or anything).

And because it’s 10:45 PM and I’m only STARTING on my work that has to be done tomorrow.


Thanks to…

…Sharky The Kid for listening to me vent tonight. I’m sorry I was in such a pissy mood.

…ProfessorEric for saving all those boxes for me and letting me run up and run away. I was in such a bad mood I did not want to stay and bite your head off accidentally. Your new place is lovely and next time I will come and stay and have a cup of tea, instead of treating like it is an am/pm or something. Sorry.

…and of course, Yoshi for putting up with my call this evening while I was waiting for AAA to come and jump my car. Sorry I was bitching and moaning. I know you were at work and I should have just calmed down before snapping at you.

I know I’m allowed to be irritable once in a while, but when I am over it, I always regret being so bitchy to people, especially to people I care about, because it’s just not my style.

F-U C(oc)K(sucking spamm) ER!

I know I need to install MT Blacklist, but if you haven’t done it either, block this IP address

I don’t give a flying crap about your [sertified knew kars].

UPDATE: The [sertified knew kars] folks are the same spammers as “someone” called Mopet who posted “Why do not I see me posts???” a while back. Every single one of my spammed posts also has stuff from that asswipe, too.

I wasn’t the only one who hated to NY Post suicide photo…

Mike Barnicle of the New York Daily News writes…

…I was stunned this week to see a front page photo of a 19-year-old New York University student leaping to her death. It wasn’t a news photo. It was a snuff shot, an awful picture of a young woman killing herself. And I’m pretty sure the average reader can figure why it was splashed across the front page: to sell papers.

But while it was shocking, it wasn’t memorable. I doubt it caused many readers to think about the life that was being erased, the event that triggered the action or the narrative – the story – that led a 19-year-old to arrive at the desperate point where she felt the only thing left to do was hurl herself off a roof. [full story]

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